Brandt in Warschau zur Vertragsunterzeichnung 1970


-Warsaw, theatre square, monument to the heroes of Warsaw, the ancient goddess of victory Nike Wartburg-terminated people on the Street outside Presidential Palace, flags of Poland and the Federal Republic of Germany are hoisted-wartende people-angetretene 15s Sarajevo in position before the monument of "Tomb of the unknown soldier"-Willy Brandt, Walter Scheel, Wladyslaw Gomulka standing before the monument, ready to the wreath-laying pan on looking to set-Nahaufnahme soldier-Ehrenformation-langsam Willy Brandt follows the wreath to the resignation of Willy Brandt wreath-Willy Brandt-Nahaufnahme is grinding on the rim and resigns short remained before the wreath-Willy Brandt is a photographers in the background-Nahaufnahme wreath, at the honour book loops in the colors of the Federal Republic of Germany, print "The Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany"-Nahaufnahme soldier-Blonde woman with Hat passes, overlooking Memorial probably laid down wreath-Willy Brandt kneeling before the Warsaw ghetto, in the background, the Memorial leaves photographers camera pan to the wreath-Willy Brandt , followed by audience standing to and photographer-Nahaufnahme of a part of the Warsaw ghetto Memorial - to the Memorial of part 7-arm-chandelier in close-up, flames are inflamed used will be taken to the Memorial, Brandt, Scheel, Gomulka and others follow-Nahaufnahmen of parts of the Warsaw ghetto Memorial-Willy Brandt intended for grinding of the wreath laid down and kneel photographers in the background-Nahaufnahme wreath and print of the loop "The Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany"-Nahaufnahme white carnations on the rim at the end

Persons in the Film

Brandt, Willy ; Scheel, Walter ; Gomulka, Wladyslaw


Ehrung ; Beziehung ; Foreign policy ; Policy



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Brandt in Warschau zur Vertragsunterzeichnung

Country of Origin:
Federal Republic of Germany

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