Emelka-Woche 1920

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Header: Picture: hand-operated a movie camera, blending from a revolving globe, moving car and train, as well as a starting airplane missing intertitles in image: scenes of a Chinese parade 1 subheads: it will be spring again. The linden breezes are awakened.
Image: nature shots of trees, birds and spring flowers. Flower seller on the street. Bistros shells their terraces. Men Polish a boat. Woman at the window shopping. Cyclists, marching band and couple on a park bench. Games and sports ground scenes.

2. subheads: sea fish than after. Housewives in the preparation of fish dishes.
Image: Shooting a fish show in a large market Hall. Preparation of various fish dishes in close-up.

3. subtitles: from the Zugspitze to Italy. First start of a free balloon "Munich 4" from the snow also flat amounting to 2600 m.
Image: flight preparations on snowman plateau. Start of the balloons and flying through the mountains.

4. subtitles (wahrsch. no longer Emelka): Berlin. Light, air and Sun!
Image is missing 5. subheads: opening of the "weekend exhibition" at the exhibition grounds on the Kaiserdamm in the presence of the authorities and of the Reich Foreign Minister Dr. Stresemann.
Photo: Impressions of visitors and participants of the exhibition. Stresemann and delegation are led through the exhibition.

6 subheads: Thomas Theodor Heine, the famous Munich painter and caricaturist, one of the founders of the "Simplizissimus" celebrated its 60th anniversary these days.
Image: Heine while walking with his wife and dogs, Heine at the drawing board and with output of Simplizissimus in front of his house standing.

7 subtitles: Pity - pity! Millions of litres of seized wines and spirits are destroyed every day in America.
Image: Several metre-high mountains of liquor boxes are set on fire.

8 subtitles: Berlin. Renovation of the Staatsoper.

9 subtitles: The conversion of Knobelsdorff Opera House was been estimated million mark at 4 ½. It must but already expected that the new building of the nor alone on about 10 million marks comes to stand.
Image: Work on the shell with scaffolding.

10 intertitles (Emelka again): The rocket flight succeeded! Fritze and Dave make their attempts on their own...
Image: Group of children experimented with Fireworks as a drive for toy cars and planes.

11 subtitles: Unfortunately this is not about off without 'Disasters'...
: Images exploding and burning toy planes. A boy crying.

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Persons in the Film

Heine, Thomas Theodor ; Stresemann, Gustav


Berlin ; Weimarer Republik ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie

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Country of Origin:
Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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