Opel-Deulig-Ufa-Wochenschau-Sujets aus den 20er Jahren 01.01.1920

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1 subtitles: Clärenore Stinnes, the daughter of the late industrialist of Hugo Stinnes, occurs - followed by their four-legged favourites - their morning ride on image: Stinnes increases with their three dogs in the convertible and drives off.

2. subheads: 200 miles an hour. New speed record on the highway in Salem. U.S. image: racing each other get over himself on a race track 3. subtitles: on the Berlin Avus to the Austrian alpine rally, at the Clärenore Stinnes became one of the best German lost part.
Image: Stinnes and other riders on the Avus in conversation. Then they go past the camera, some waving.

4. subheads: Cycling Championships on the Olympic track. Chamber Singers Michael beans gives the go-ahead.
Photo: Close-up of Michael beans, then starting sequence of the cycling race.

5. subtitles: The new German Champion Willi Lorenz (1 km) image: Lorenz with laurel wreath 6 subheads: the winner over 100 km of champion Wittig Bild: Wittig on race of people surrounded.

7 subtitles: Shoo, shoo... The Cycling Championships in America.
Image: Shots of the race 8 subtitles: Italian Giorgetti won.
Image: Giorgetti runs victory lap with laurel wreath Intertitle is missing!
Image: military band travels with the train missing intertitles!
Image: Margarete of world and Hindenburg carries a bouquet of flowers and is accompanied by Paul von Hindenburg in salutierenden soldiers passing from a church.

Intertitle is missing!
Image: (probably) Hindenburg and another man in military uniform cross the Moltke bridge in the Government District of Berlin with the car during a parade and wave at the audience. Military here riding behind them.

9 subtitles: the former Reich Chancellor Prince Bernhard von Bülow died in Rome at the age of 80.
Image: Hermann Müller speaks on the road with the camera then Gustav Stresemann before a fountain standing talking.

Persons in the Film

Stinnes, Hugo ; Stinnes, Clärenore ; Hindenburg, Paul von ; Müller, Hermann ; Stresemann, Gustav


Avus ; Weimarer Republik ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie

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Opel-Deulig-Ufa-Wochenschau-Sujets aus den 20er Jahren

Country of Origin:
Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

Year of Production and/or Release

Date of Production:
01.01.1920 - 01.01.1929


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