Phoebus-Opel-Woche 28 (seit 1926) 1926

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1 subtitles: Back at home! Arrival of German ex heavyweight champion Franz Diener from the trip to America with the Hapagdampfer 'Albert Ballin'"in Cuxhaven.
Image: Franz Diener is welcomed by a large crowd at the port. He laughs and keeps a tiny tree in the camera.

2. subheads: winter pictures from the Bavarian Highlands! The Gorge near the town of Garmisch.
Image: A village in the snow. Snow-covered Gorge with snow-covered bridge over it. Shot in the Valley, where a stream flows through the Gorge.

3. subtitles: An old folk custom! Every year on St. a Chorister is elected in the monastery Berden Nicholas days for one day to the Bishop.
Image: A boy looks into the camera, takes off the CAP and will be dressed by the other choir boys like a Bischoff. The Group of choirboys moves with the child Bishop about a cemetery. Group picture in front of the monastery with the wrong Bishop in the middle.

4. subheads: brings the Christmas tree what Berliners?
Image: Shots of the rainy Berlin, two trams pass through the image. Links fade to a man who still sits at the desk. The street scene remains visible in the picture right. "Please Autoruf Dönhoff!" appears next to the Lord. Further right, blending two switchboards is sitting at the table. "Here Autoruf -!" appears and disappears again. "Capitol, here a car!" The man hangs up. Picture of the attendant of Autorufs. Ten telephone busy sitting at the table. A lady gets messages at their place of work. Note be edited and cable connected to the Lady. A man on the street answered the phone to a car Rufsäule and then includes the phone. Exterior of the Capitolgebäudes. Large advertising sign "Madame wants no children - Corda Liedtke". Swivel on the entrance of the Capitol and the road before it, where's the taxi just before.
A mechanical shield is in close up of "ORDERED" set to 'free'. The next note is edited in the telephone exchange. A lady writes in her book.

Persons in the Film

Diener, Franz


Garmisch ; Cuxhaven ; Berlin ; Weimarer Republik ; Partnachklamm ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie

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Phoebus-Opel-Woche 28 (seit 1926)

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Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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