Opel-Woche 18 (seit 1926) 01.10.1926

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1 subtitles: Grand Prix of Karlshorst. Abroad on a German obstacle course appears for the first time after the war.
Photo: Impressions of a Racecourse. People who watch the launch.

2. subheads: Jockey of E. Haley, one of the most successful French riders of the obstacle.
Image: slow motion shots over obstacles of jumping horses.

3. subtitles: Jockey Bismark adventurers (stable Ehrenfried) won in a sharp final battle against French Thoroughbred.
Image: Handover of the Cup.

4. subheads: Death in the air! Terrible explosion disaster of the French aircraft on the route New York - Paris, shortly after the start.
Image: Launch of an aircraft. Then cut and shots of burning aircraft wreckage in a field.

5. subtitles: The eccentric car! Skill driving on the racetrack.
Image: vollführende feats race car at a show.

6 subheads: Farewell to Berlin! The British ambassadors Lord D'abernon leaves the German Presidential Palace after handing-over his resignation.
Image: Salutierende soldiers, as D'abernon gets out of the car, is performed in the Palace and later returns to the car.

7 intertitles: A nursery school in the far East! Young China when playing in a Catholic mission.
Image: Chinese children playing and dancing.

8 subtitles: hurdle race the wind dog in Manchester! The "electric" Bunny runs on an iron rail of ahead of the Pack and scurries to the target in his dugout.
Image: Dogs are carried on the racetrack. The "rabbit" is checked again. Pictures of the Hunderennens.

9 subtitles: Little Paris at the start! Kids race in Bois de Boulogne image: children racing with scooters and other strange vehicles.

10 subtitles: "here it smells but liquor!" Uncovering a secret distillery by prohibition officials.
Image: Officials destroy a free air distillery and overturn the liquor barrels.

11 subtitles: The 300 - anniversary of New York! Historical procession in the city street.
Image: Large, festive parade through the city.

12 intertitles: An old folk custom! Every year on St. a Chorister is elected in the monastery Berden Nicholas days for one day to the Bishop.
Image: Boy looks into the camera, takes off the CAP and will be dressed by the other choir boys like a Bischoff. The Group of choirboys moves with the child Bishop about a cemetery. Recordings of a real Bishop, speaking over loudspeakers to crowds.

13 subtitles: Dancing playing cards: A children's Festival in Droltwich, England.
Image: Courtly dance of people costumed as playing cards.

End [241,2]

Persons in the Film

D'Abernon, Edgar Vincent


New York / Staat ; Weimarer Republik ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie

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Opel-Woche 18 (seit 1926)

Country of Origin:
Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

Year of Production and/or Release

Date of Production:
01.10.1926 - 13.10.1926


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