Emelka-Woche 51 (seit 1929) 01.12.1929

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1 subtitles: House collapse in Marseille. In the disaster were 20 dead and many wounded.
Image: cleanup in the rubble of the collapsed Town House 2 subtitles: the "Bremen" in the dock. The German Oceandampfer being overtaken in Southampton.
Image: The ship put in the dock and is prepared 3 subtitles: the Hunter and his dog. Punks hunting zeal outweighs his good upbringing.
Image: Hunter goes on the prowl. His back allowed dog climbs over the fence and follows him, he climbs up on the high point.

4. intertitles: A sports festival in Tokyo. The example of German gymnast in Japan avid imitation found image: shooting a great festival of sport in a stadium 5 intertitles in: Santa Claus arrives! A Lufthansa plane he comes directly from the sky down flown.
Image: A plane lands, many children waving and waiting. Santa Claus gets out of the plane and greets the audience. The children run to him, he distributed gifts in the crowd.

6 subheads:-Like children may even fly!
Image: Children get to Santa Claus in the plane. The plane takes off, the children look out of the window.

7 subtitles: Christmas Vorfreuden...
Image: Housewives in the preparations and the decoration. Shops decorate their storefronts. People at the Christmas shopping. A child writes his wishlist.

8 subtitles: The best Christmas joy: these days, the last English left the Rheinland image: A ship cruising off. A military marching band. Heavily laden soldiers get on a train and waving at the downhill Emelka credits: [201,0]


Rheinland ; Christmas ; Tokio ; Southampton ; Weimarer Republik ; Marseille ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie

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Emelka-Woche 51 (seit 1929)

Country of Origin:
Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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Date of Production:
01.12.1929 - 11.12.1929


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