Emelka-Woche 30 (seit 1927) 01.07.1927

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1 subtitles: 30 years "Roter sand" food acquisition and guard detachment on the sea-washed lighthouse in the Weser estuary image: shots of a lighthouse in the sea, which is supplied by a ship 2 subtitles: bathing season 1927! After each rain rain, again-after each downpour flooded...
Image: front yard fence and road under water. Children play with makeshift boats 3 subtitles: German Federal shooting 1927. Big meeting of all German rifle associations in Munich.
Image: Parade of musicians and costumes by Munich's downtown 4.Zwischentitel: sea, sand and Sun. Swimwear, models Fleischhauer, Berlin.
Image: 4 models playing on the beach with an inflatable ball and perform swimwear.

5. subheads: "O old boy glory..."
The 10th German student day United the academic connections of all German universities in Würzburg.
Image: great parade and parade of students in Würzburg 6 intertitles: transfer of flags of long marks to the unveiling of the Memorial to the fallen German students image: solemn ceremony for the unveiling of the monument 7 intertitles: always slow ahead! Just no "haste"!
Image: 2 artists practicing a coaster-rollover-number 8 subtitles: high visit in Kiel. A Dutch Squadron, consisting of a ship of the line, four torpedo boats and two submarines visited the German naval base in the Baltic Sea.
Image: Entrance of the squadron in the harbour.

9 subtitles: The time of sailing regattas! The big race of the American Seekreutzer in the Chesapeake Bay.
Image: Recordings of various sailing ships at full speed 10 subtitles: without fear or reproach! The 14th U.S. Cavalry Regiment shows his equestrian skills on a tour at Fort Sheridan (ill.).
Image: many tricks with 11 horses and intertitles: Emelka week special service King Ferdinand of Romania died on Castle Sinaia his long-standing ailments. The last record of the King (civil) image: Ferdinand is sitting in the car and greet exit 12 intertitles in viewers: the riots in Vienna. Street fighting, - assault on the Palace of Justice, tremendous damage, - 100 dead - many injuries...
: Photography Vienna with very high police presence. Pictures of burning and destroyed houses. Major damage on the streets.

Emelka credits.


Sinaia ; Romania ; Würzburg ; Ostsee ; Weimarer Republik ; Weser ; Weimar - erste deutsche Demokratie

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Emelka-Woche 30 (seit 1927)

Country of Origin:
Deutsches Reich (bis 1945)

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01.07.1927 - 19.07.1927


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