Nicht ohne uns 1951


Reconstruction of the German economy by using American credit by the Marshall plan: 18 flags of the Nations that participated in the European programme of reconstruction. Engineering, building construction, factory farms. Cutting rooms of the "new German newsreel", storage of film strips and cut of the movies. Kohlrabi in the camera holds fields with Bewässerungsmaschiene for growing Kohlrabi in Reichenau, man. Film editing of the contribution in the cutting rooms of the new German newsreel. Shipyard, commissioning of German water power plants, dam in North Rhine-Westphalia.
(00:00:00-00:02:56) Zusammengekauerte family in shelter. People queue in front of food issue shortly after the 2nd World War. Exchange of ration cards, war ruins, passers-by in German town. Strip-search for smuggled goods. Excavator shovels debris from the road, train on a track. Mason used further in the construction of houses, former military barracks for economic purposes. Indoors of a glass foundry in Hesse, milk, and milk glass production. Working on Verpackungsmaschiene for butter, food storage, storage of pork. new homes by refugees, alleged refugees on the road to the West. Tractors crossing the street of a Thuringian town to surrounding fields, tractor with plough sweeps across a field, cows are driven to a farm. Benedictine monastery in Grüssau, monk speaks about the ERP loan that helped him build an agriculture. Apartment buildings in a small town with children playing a uf the sidewalk, indoors of one family house with a view out the window. Textile mill in operation, several power plants for electricity production in Western Germany, industrial port. Scene of one happy German family to the table with berufstätigem man, housewife and child.
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Marshall plan ; Industry ; Economy ; 16 see book special films German weekly show GmbH



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Nicht ohne uns

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