Haile Selassie in Deutschland 08.11.1954


On the 8.11.1954, the train in the station is running Bonn with the Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, which is on a State visit to Germany. German President Heuss and Chancellor Adenauer Government members expect the high guest. Greeting of the Emperor, who has appeared in goldbestickter Gala uniform, his son, Duke of Harrar and the Marshal of the Court have created Gala uniform. German President Heuss presented a bouquet of flowers to the daughter-in-law of the Emperor, the Duchess Sara Guizaw of Harrar, then the members of the Government are presented Federal Council President Abdul Ali, like Carlo Schmid, Freigekauft.

Driving through Bonn, appeared welcome numerous people along the roadsides by waving flags, to the hotel Petersberg the high guest. View of the hotel from the other side of the Rhine. Reception at the Villa Hammerschmidt by German President Heuss for guests who have appeared this time in the evening suit or evening gowns. Heuss, Adenauer and old Meier in conversation with Haile Selassie. Among those present include Carlo Schmidt, Blücher, Schröder, Prime Minister Karl Arnold. Look at the Friedrich Wilhelm University. Here, the emperor will be awarded by the Dean of the agricultural school with an honorary doctorate. Professor Wendt his honours at the lectern, the merits of the Emperor, to the agricultural development of his country. Then thank the emperor with a speech. A tribute to the Emperor in the Bonn City Hall by Mayor following bosom. As a gift of the Emperor handed over a pair of silver - and gold-studded tusks of African elephants, 2 historical Spears with silver lace and a gold-engraved Warrior shield the Lord Mayor for the city of Bonn, then enlists Haile Selassie in the Golden Book of the city. Before the Rahthaus farewell bosom to the emperor by the Lord Mayor and beckons to the population.

The Cologne Cathedral, it applies the next visit of the emperor. Detailed views of the Cathedral. On a site near Cologne the model of a train of Prime Minister Arnold is the Emperor presented an all way train that runs on a rail. The Emperor and his Entourage to visit the steelworks in Rheinhausen in Duisburg, again Prime Minister Arnold. Then, the Emperor visited the town of Warendorf in Westphalia, accompanied by Federal Agriculture Minister Heinrich Lübke. The company pursues the screening of breeding cattle and agricultural machinery from a grandstand. Guards perform fine horses, riding demonstrations, wagon with four - and six-party train. The Town Hall in Hamburg. Mayor Sieveking receives the Emperor, listen to the national anthem. The port of Hamburg. Harbour cruise of the Emperor and his consort in society by Sieveking and Baron von Herwarth, detailed shots of the ride, including sail training ship "Pamir". Festive gala evening in the Town Hall. Then goodbye Mayor Sieveking Dammtor station of Emperor Haile Selassie and his entourage. Descent of the Sonderzuges.

Persons in the Film

Heuss, Theodor ; Blücher, Franz ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Arnold, Karl ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Sieveking, David ; Altmeier, Peter ; Harrar ; von Harrar, Sara Guizaw ; Schmid, Carlo ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Busen, Peter Maria


Pamir ; Villa Hammerschmidt ; Dom (Köln) ; Deutschland ; Humboldt-Universität ; Agriculture ; Hamburger Hafen ; Bonn ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 16 see book special films German weekly show GmbH

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Haile Selassie in Deutschland

Imperial visit to Germany (Other title)

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