Sicherheit und Zusammenarbeit in Europa 1976


Aircraft dome of a rolling machine. Red carpet is rolled out. The rotating radar screen. Helmut Schmidt goes next to the America San Candido President G. Ford. Helicopter lands. Schmidt welcomes U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Photographers. Close-up Genscher - Kissinger - Schmidt. At the Conference table Genscher, Schmidt, Friderichs, Ford, Kissinger.
Cinematographer on electronic camera sitting, swings. Helmut Schmidt comes in addition to Giscard d' Estaing. Palais Schaumburg. Schmidt welcomes leaders from developing countries. Loki Schmidt laughing big. Genscher and Negril. Close-up of Schmidt. Schmidt and Tito in the conversation. Genscher and Grymyko. Schmidt, Brezhnev, Genscher, Gromyko. Cameramen.
Security and cooperation in Europe people go through gate and off. Hamburg Street with traffic. Shopping Centre. Fashion show window. Pedestrian Spitalerstrasse. Industrial buildings. Autoppoduktion, blast furnace. Driving record Idustriegebäude, chimneys. Pan am plane lands. Wheels put on and springs back. The rotating radar screen. Display the starting engines on airfield. Lufthansa Boeing starts. Traffic on the Elbe bridge. Freight rail traffic. Refinery. High-voltage work. Highway without traffic. City Road in the rain without traffic. 2 horses pull motor vehicle (energy crisis). Giant parking lot full of cars (auto dump). Ruins of the high-rise building. Loading of goods in the port. Crane operator. VW is loaded. Loaded aircraft by Lufthansa luggage.
Customs officers check identity cards of drivers at border. Cityscape Helsin ki. Green domes of the city. Monument Park. Conference on security and cooperation in Europe. Car driveway. Arrival of politicians.
Giscard d'Estaing, Brezhnev, Ford, Schmidt, Tito and delegations. The State, men of the EEC countries together standing. Photographers. Schmidt-Honecker, Schmidt Girek handshake. Finnish flags on tall masts. The delegations in the Conference Hall. Helmut Schmidtspricht quote: "follow on decades of confrontation not over night an era of cooperation, and is also not a unique impetus for the process of relaxation, but requires our all permanent, our steady involvement, so that this process progresses continuously. There remain fundamental differences in ideological systems, in the political and economic systems between East and West. People must make in the meantime do with what is possible today considering the differences in system and in view of the still existing mistrust. But people have the urgent desire for removal of existing restrictions. You expect tangible progress in the coexistence of the people of East and West. They expect more trips across the divide, they expect better working conditions for foreign journalists. You expect increasing exchanges of young people and athletes. Trust requires meeting."
Press Centre. Journalists schreben reports on typewriters.
Smoking chimneys, water treatment plant, water samples in reagents. Substation. Balloon fair in Hannover, industrial goods, Satellittenempfangsstation. Switchboards at operator with headphones. Rotary machine. Newspaper kiosk. Zone boundary. Turnpike opens. Border crossing Berlin. Cars drive through the border. People are going from West to East. Relatives embrace. The Brandenburg Gate. Cityscapes of Berlin. Metro station Kurfürstendemm. Flea market Street, pedestrian traffic. Champs Elyssée Paris, Aro de Triomphe, Colloseum Rome, Oxford Street London, Moscow's Cityscape, pedestrian image filling. Helsinki, Berlin to the Memorial Church.



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Sicherheit und Zusammenarbeit in Europa

Zwischenbilanz (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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