Den Frieden sicherer machen 1971


Scheel, balloon inflates a FL to release in the form. Flying jet plane. Still photos of Walter Scheel in various occasions in black and white. Title review of black and white: debris. Potsdam with Churchill, Truman and Stalin. Reißwolf grinds the old Paiergeld. Formation of two German States, 2 military blocks (each other cut). The Division of Berlin.
The Konfrotation was assisted by: Korea war, uprising on June 17 in East Berlin, Fidel of Castro's regime in Cuba.
Relaxation experiments: Embassy of Eisenhower's aiming at the unification of the two parts of Germany. The Geneva peace conference, meeting day/Khrushchev in Vienna.

Color: map with trace of the Federal Republic, reconciliation with France. Formation of the EEC and NATO.

black and white: Images from the German Democratic Republic. Adenauer's trip to Moscow. Peace efforts of by Brentano, Schroeder's attempt at creating trade relationships brought no relaxation. Blockade of West Berlin. Khrushchev's ultimatum. Disability access to Berlin. Construction of the wall.

1969 election: Walter Scheel o-ton: "and those who today with unctuous Schönreden by the polls, and with the brothers and sisters of the zone border with the borders of 1937 believe the Germans still have the goal of reunification in peace and freedom which delude ourselves something, ladies and gentlemen. You have not reached 20 years with this method, but us further away from the target than we ever were."
Election night 1969 formation of the SPD/FDP coalition. The Government Bank in the Bundestag.

Willy Brandt actuality: "20 years after the founding of the Federal Republic and the GDR, we must prevent another life apart of the German nation as so try to come abreast over a controlled to a coexistence."

Color: Train crosses the zone boundary. 1970: Willy Brandt in Erfurt. Welcome speech by Willy Stoph. People crowd behind a barrier. Talks Brandt/Stoph. Patrick interviewed passers-by: young man: "I don't suppose that much will come out, but it is you very glad that the two leaders come together."
Young woman: "it is useful that you can see what are the opinions of the two parties for the population, but I see no success and have also no expectations."
Young man: "not much, I don't think that much comes out. I believe, it should facilitate interpersonal relations but."
Elderly woman: "I would say it would be really nice if even a unity."
Brandt shakes the hands of people. Serious standing beside Stoph, great. Here original sound backed Brandt: "our national interest it does not allow zi stand between the West and the East. Our country needs the East. cooperation and coordination with the West and the communication"
Walter Scheel "enters the Department of State and goes to his work room up the stairs. Scheel, the signature looks out at his desk solution and signed the post. Close-up Scheel. Pictures of his family on the desk. Document hold hands, great.
Daffodils bloom. Cityscape of Munich. The Eiffel Tower in Paris bathers on the beach. Water skiing. Surfing.

Brussels: EEC meeting Scheel welcomes Ministers from other countries on arrival. Talks. From EEC countries were: beverages, cheese, fashions, steelworks, go skiing, transportation of goods.
Demonstration in England against joining the EEC.
In Brussels, Heath is received with applause. Signing of the accession of great of Britain to the EEC, together with the representatives of Denmark, Ireland and Norway. Handshake Heath/Scheel. The Europe of 6 had become the Europe of 10.

Walter Scheel o-ton: that is for the people here with us new opportunities. The jobs will be safe and consumers will have new opportunities. But it gives us responsibility for the rest of the world over. A large and stimulus economic partner on the world market must ensure that these community advantages each other creates the members not only inward, but she mobilized their opportunities for all partners on the world market. And the members are determined, which means that this verienigte major Europ for all partners and Nadhbarn is in the world of advantage.
Intermediate sections: Youth and children of Eurpas in close-ups jet plane sideways during the flight. Scheel in Fligzeug on the flight to America. Scheel in the study of written pleadings in the hotel. Scheel talking to politicians.
Willy Brandt visited German soldiers in rocket School of El Paso in Texas.

Willy Brandt speaks actuality to the soldiers: "I bring you all greetings from home and the Federal Government. Their training here is a visible sign of this cooperation. It is a contribution to peace-keeping at the same time. The Atlantic Alliance is the framework within which we attempt together with our partners, tensions between East and West."
Air Force soldiers al's listeners. Brandt's White House visit. Handshake Brandt/Nixon.
NATO flags fly. Meeting of 15 Nations in Bonn. Lock sign delimiting restricted zone. Scheel enters the courtroom. Interview with Heath. Journalists at the press center. Scheel leaves the meeting room.

Walter Scheel speaks interview: "we must with our policy in the Alliance firmly bleibenm not only because we need the security of the clan, but also because we need the weight of the clan for the negotiations with the East." German solo efforts are doomed to failure. (Speech is highlighted with black - white images of Scheel as a speaker.

Berlin: attendant. Long distance between West and East Berlin are possible. Städtegilder Berlin, Kurfürstendamm, victory column, pedestrian. Moscow 1970: German Soviet negotiations renounce violence. Kosygin welcomes Scheel on arrival at the airport. Talks. Scheel in addition to Bahr. When he comes out, journalists umdrängen Scheel. Actuality Scheel: "we will meet this afternoon again at 3: 00." Scheel umdrängt of reporters enters Suto. The German delegation room of the German Embassy with Scheel and Bahr. Driving record Moscow. Scheel in rear of car. Talks with Gromyko. Scheel umdrängt by journalists.
Walter Scheel o-ton: "it is possible to achieve a mutually satisfactory result. We want to help spur relaxation, which should benefit all peoples of West and East. Our goal is to provide more security and more coexistence between them"Moscow: Brandt is welcomed by Brezhnev. Signing of the german-Soviet Treaty by Brandt and Kosygin. Handshake.

Warsaw: Treaty of Warsaw signed by Brandt and Girek. Cars with German stands moves accompanied by police escorts. People waving from the roadside.
Mr Haese interviewed people.
Young man: "that Brandt is in Poland, today this is very happy" wife: "we are very pleased with the sign, because this is, I think good for Poland and for the Germans.
Presentation of the Friedesnobelpreises to Willy Brandt.

Willy Brandt interview: "I want to do everything in my further work close to come to what many I expect. (Rut Brandt side big). We are here in Fritjoff Nansen land. "Even in a figurative sense is his reminder: hurry up you act before it is too late to repent."

Berlin: four power negotiations. Flags of the 4 occupying powers on the balcony of the Council building. The Ambassador of the United States, the USSR, France and great of Britain sign the agreement. Ambassador Abramasinov actuality "ends well, everything git".
Heinemann in Berlin. Freight transport is verblombt and drove unchecked through East Germany to Berlin. Transit visit their relatives in East Berlin with easier controls West Berlin. Passage at border crossing points and touching greetings.

Bonn: Barzel is in the Bundestag vote of no confidence against Willy Brandt. The Rut Brandt Gallery.

Walter Scheel speaks o-ton: "this Government is historically alone this justified, that she has created with its slim majority, his great taboo threshold away track what others did not reach with their large majorities or could - our people about to take it away by illusions. You have not helped us in this political work."
As audience, Erhardt, Strauß, Barzel. Deputies clapping. Members of Parliament for voting. Jubilation at the SPD/FDP Government. Brandt is beglückwünsclt. Ehmke claps Berlin: Brandt beckons from the Schöneberg Town Hall crowd. "Walter Scheel speaks o-ton: who enters Germany policy empty-handed before the German people after 2 decades, should behave which face a little more modest, had never scratch under the rubble of this policy for success approaches."

Willy Brandt speaks interview: "it's more than anywhere else the voice of those affected, to the voice of a critical city, a troubled and a certified city. This, our city, my Berliners and Berlin, has a better chance than since at some point since the end of World War 2. "This town knows what's good for Berlin, which is also good for our country, and it is also good for Europe, and therefore I take the appeal: deputies of the German Bundestag listens to this city."
Vote on the Eastern treaties in the German Bundestag. Politicians talk: Genscher, Scheel, Barzel, Schmidt, Brandt. Abstention of the CDU/CSU, ratification of the treaties is decided by the votes of the SPD/FDP. Willy Brandt interview: "For the 1st time since 20 years not from one another we remove us but e twas closer each other."
"1972: interviews in East Berlin by Dr. Haese: young man: I think as a result of the agreements now in Warsaw and Moscow we will have more relief."
Dr. Haese: "have you what personal wishes for more concessions in Berlin?"
Young woman: "well, that we should visit our parents."
"Young man: that I can to my cousin over there."
Young man: "the best thing that we could also across from the East, but."
Starting from coming after relatives and Beknntgabe meeting points.


Brussels ; Berlin ; Moskau ; Warsaw ; Bonn



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Den Frieden sicherer machen

Deutsche Aussenpolitik seit 1969 (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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