Neue Wege Strategie für morgen 1972


Berlin victory column, subway station Kurfürstendamm. 2 pedestrians, traffic Kudamm foreigners. Memorial Church. Talks between int. Participants of a college. People in street coffee and pedestrian.
Asian young man interview: "my name is..." In Germany I study marine biology. Now I am working in the bank of fishery.."
Blonde young woman interview: "I am a german agriculturing expert and I work in the national indonesian colleg of the agriculturing radio service."
Young Thai o-ton: "I came from Thailand. Ministry of education teacher send our me to Germany for 18 month to go in practical experience as a in a tecnical colleg."
Indian o-ton: I come from India. I have studied in Germany the last four years. I have done my doctor...
Flugzeugkanzd 1 exclamation airport. Plane taking off.
Partners in progress balloon mountain, sea forest sw: photos India technology, irrigation, construction of port industry operation.

Color: Mountains of India. Countryside cottages on the hillside. Indian doctor takes soil samples. Talking to farmers in remote area. Indians at the wheel of car. Driving record city with residents. India-English agriculture science project. Work in laboratory. Ploughing with oxen. Irrigation. Indian speaks interview about his work. Indian celebration. Men dance and drumming. Indian farm. Peasant woman at Black cow milking. Indian girls waiting with milk cans on the roadside. With truck, milk is picked up and tested. Car continues to the next milk collection station. Indian pours milk from pitchers in large pot. TRUCK driving on bumpy road through the mountains to curves. Drive in front of dairy. Processing of milk. Pateurisierung and Sterilisierun packaged milk. Milk output for the population.
Red lamp lights up. Javanese reads text. News anchor. Blonde German rising on motorcycle. German-Indonesian agriculture project. Radio show is heard off. Discussion. Cows. Chicken farming. Rice planting. Work in the rice fields.
Malaysia plane. Train. Operation of Djakarta. Minister speaks interview. High-rise buildings and fountains. Interlocking of railroad. Shunt trains. Cock goes through tracks. Laundry hangs on the line between trains. Barefoot Man Push Cart. Theoretical lessons with German railway experts. Traffic for Java and Sumatra. Driving record Palm trees, forests, and bridge. Viaduct over a deep valley. Airfield. Port. Loading of export goods. Ship from Hamburg at the wharf. Lady in Fons by car. Drive in front of House. Materials are dyed and woven. Cabinetmaking. Chairs are decorated. Art stone masons. Batik collection.
International Frankfurter knife 5-9.3.1972. parking camera trip. The visitors of the exhibition. Glass, ceramics, musical instruments, fabrics from Indonesia craft items. Sales calls actuality. Indonesian State Manager speaks interview.
2 young men from Thailand at the exhibition. Driving record Highway, bus stop. Thais get off. Rainy day. Men go in small factory in Mannheim. Manufacture of pumps. The men on the way home after work. Learning in the room in the evening. Photos from Thailand on the wall. Heavy traffic in Bangkok. Crowded bus. Water carrier. Students go and go to classes. Pray of the Koran. German Thai pilot plant. Students in the Lecture Hall and workshop. Car body is injected. Technical drawing.
Sea Beach. Palm trees. Lonely man walks on the beach. Man speaks in actuality. Men drag nets with fish from the sea. Vera beiten and packaging of fish. Fish receives characters and thrown back into the sea. Investigation of fish in laboratory. Fish market in Bangkok. Fish in baskets and crates are brought by boats. Sale. Fish processing factory. Women wearing rubber gloves read. Ship builders. Fishing boat is being built. Driving record by boat to the shore with piers and adjacent boats. Close-ups of faces of the 3rd world. Asian children Bildfüllend running in the picture.



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Neue Wege Strategie für morgen

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