Bonn-Moskau 1970 1970


1st Act Willy Brandt speaks before the German Bundestag, total and half close. Original sound. Friendship with the West, communication with the East, peace in the world) black and white.
Driving record Moscow (title background) Moscow July 26, 1970.

Airfield: Cameramen and photographers go, Gromyko accompanied by the German Ambassador at the airfield. Lufthansa Boeing rolls out. Scheel, accompanied by Bahr, goes down the aircraft stairs. Cameramen, among them Luppa, umdrängen Scheel and Gromyko in greeting.
Kreeltürme. Changing of the guard on the red square. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Scheel gets out of car. Gromyko and Scheel sit down at the negotiating table, in addition to Scheel Bahr. When leaving the Ministry, Scheel is interviewed by journalist interview. Scheel get in car.
The red square. Waiting in a long queue in front of Lenin's mausoleum.
In a Palace, enter Scheel and Gromyko meeting room and sit down at the negotiating table.
Press Centre. Fernshreiben. Journalists call and To give scant messages by actuality. Rüdiger Freiherr von Wechmar informed the journalists interview.
Scheel of food in hotel and welcomes Gromyko on arrival. Toast with glasses. Sitting at the dinner table.
Passers-by on the street in Moscow. Older women can sway. Boat trip on the Lake. People go for a walk in the Park. Chess game under the open sky. Scheel in the Billrdspiel.
The German Embassy. Scheel, Ambassador Allert with theEnd in conversation. Scheel walk through Park. Negotiating table.
Moscow's cityscape. Scheel in rear of car when driving through the city. Driving record. People prefer beverages from vending machines. Flower market.
Scheel and Gromyko sign a draft agreement. Handshake Scheel-Gromyko.

Airfield: Scheel says goodbye and gives short speech production sound. Gromyko speaks, interpreter translates interview. Scheel, aircraft stairs going up and waving. Gromyko waving goodbye.

Cologne-Bonn: Ehmke in conversation with Zarapkin at the airfield. Scheel, descends the stairs and is welcomed by liver. Scheel recorded interview talks after his arrival.

Palais Schaumburg: Scheel gets out of car and reported Brandt. Cameramen. Scheel at Heinemann. Briefing the ambassadors of England, France, d. United States.
Cabinet meeting. Scheel in addition to Brandt. Scheel, actuality gives press conference.
(469 m) 2nd Act airport Cologne-Bonn August 11, 1970. Before his departure to Moscow Brandt speaks interview a. d. airfield. Scheel and Zarapkin, great. Brandt is welcomed before the aircraft by the flight crew. Lufthansa Boeing rolls.

Airfield Moscow: Brandt is welcomed by Kosygin. Officer reports. Playing the German national anthem. Brandt and Kosygin pace front of honor formation.
Brandt elgt at the tomb of the Uhbekannten soldiers wreath down. The eternal flame.
Brandt, Scheel, Kosygin and Gromyko in negotiations in a meeting room. Brandt speaks interview to journalists.
Signed in the Kremlin. Brezhnev welcomes Brandt. Brandt, Kosygin, Scheel, Gromyko sign the Treaty. Handshake Kosygin-Brandt.
ZDF television spokesman. Brandt speaks on television from Moscow for the signing of the contract.
Brandt and Scheel Bahr on the red square and welcome Russian bride and groom.
Russian military parades. Brandt and Kosygin say goodbye at the airport. Waving before aircraft.

Bonn: Brandt speaks at press conference, original sound. Sitting next to Brnast Scheel, Bahr, Ahlers and Wechmar.
(300 m)


Moskau ; Cologne-Bonn ; Palais Schaumburg ; Airport Cologne / Bonn ; Airfield Moscow ; Bonn



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Bonn-Moskau 1970

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Federal Republic of Germany

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