Das Deutsche Gespräch 1960


Car driving before. Rise from Ebrahim and Brandt. Umdrängt of people and reporters, Willy Brandt becomes train. Train runs on zone boundary. Miz border between the two German States map.

The German conversation - German Dialouge marching soldiers of the people's army. Willi Stoph's close-up Stoph station in Erfurt. Soldier en form barrier. Train arriving. Brandt gets out. Handshake with Stoph actuality Willy Brandt: "Thank you very much for the greeting."
People pushing against blocking. Chants. Brandt at the window of the hotel. People wave. Brandt and Stoph on the Conference table.
Interviews with Dr. Haese: "What expectations you associate with Willy Brandt's visit?"
Young man: "in such encounters, I suppose, that not too much it will come out." (English übersprochen).
People in front of the hotel. Street in Erfurt.
Dr. Haese actuality: "you feel more than citizens of the DDR or German?
Motorcade on the drive from Erfurt to Weimar. Willy Brandt to concentration camp Memorial. Soldiers lay wreath.
Brandt and Stoph at the train station. He should interview: "I wish you pleasant journey home." Willy Brandt on train window. "He should:" have a good trip "Goodbye".
Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe. Helicopter lands. Willy Brandt gets out. People shake his hand and clap. Brandt on train station Kassel. Willi Stoph rises from train. Hän edruck. Ride the motorcycle escort. Car driveway.
Brandt and Stoph versions. Both German flags. Entering the Conference room. Teenagers tear DDR flag pole. They are discharged. New flag is raised.
Government spokesman Ahlers at press conference. Press Center for foreign journalists. TV transmission.
Relocation of people with red flags.
Interview: "what is your impression after the half of the first day?" Car driving with headlights. Wreath-laying ceremony at the Cenotaph.
Station. Stoph on train window. Brandt actuality. (English übersrochen) Press Conference interview with Konrad Ahlers: the Federal Government has given itself no wishful thinking.
The road to contractual arrangements between the two German States will be long and difficult.



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Das Deutsche Gespräch

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