Bonn ... auch eine Hauptstadt 1970


Beethoven monument in front of sparks. Trains pass houses. Cars wait outside closed barrier. Mask closes eyes and mouth.
1 old woman on floor on narrow street next to timbered House (small-town Bonn) 124.7 m 2 stone age character before carcass (Bonn and its history) 209.1 m 3 a man's head with cylinder (federal capital Bonn) 260.2 m 4 man with Red Hat at Wine Festival (tourist destination Bonn) 97.6 m of 5 students from University of Bonn (Bonn University City) 71.4 m 1st child behind window by timber-frame house. Dilapidated half-timbered façade. Small flower window. Old front door with brass handle. 2 narrow timber-frame houses. Mrs giest flowers in a small garden. Old woman goes with stock on narrow street next to timbered House. Old walls, behind half-timbered gable. Church Hall.
Junged wedding couple with trust company before Church. Market. Sellers offer their goods to o-ton: banana sellers, Kleiderhändlcer, Obstverkäuferin, flower sellers, shoe salesman, blades seller. Crowds on the market image filling.
Young rider before horse smokes a cigarette. Rider group before riding off.
Rider flips liquor. Seat belt is tightened. Rider group ride through the forest. PLN-fall on the slope. Horse galloping reiterlos.
Bonn At night. Lanterns, wrought-iron lattice. Decorations on the façade of the Town Hall. Rock music in the open air. Young blonde girl face, great.
Lantern tour of children. Children's faces, great. Red traffic light.
Beethoven monument in front of sparks. Trains pass houses. Cars waiting in front of geschlosener barrier. Mask closes eyes and mouth.
(124.7 m)

2. cemetery. Cross beneath autumn tree. Pan across tombs. Gravestones with inscription: Robert Schumann - Ernst Moritz Arndt - August Wilhelm von Schlegel - Konrad Adenauer. Christ on the cross.
Art treasures of the past. Precious jewels. Cave dwellers from the stone age. Vase. Art Roman Legion camp. Roman decorations on buildings. Romanesque Basilica over the grave of 2 Roman officers. Rhenish Baroque in Schloß Brühl. Painting of Bauhernn in electoral time. Painting large masked ball. Festive reception of the Federal Republic in Schloß Brühl. Handshake, that's great. Kiss on the hand. Parade. Guests come up Castle stairs. Elaborate gardens and water features.
Aerial view of Bonn: Castle, Strassemzüge, house roofs, Town Hall, Church, Villa Hammerschmidt, Federal House at the Rhine, government buildings, seconded high-rise. Rhine bridge, cargo ship goes through. Beethoven Hall.
Trio (piano, Viola, cello) plays Beethoven. Level bust of Beethoven. Sheet music, piano, his Viola, painting of the young Beethoven in Beethoven rooms.
Beethoven monument in front of sparks. Trains pass houses. Cars waiting in front of geschlosener barrier. Mask closes eyes and mouth.
(209.1 m) 02 roll 3 rolls out Caravelle aircraft. Female legs waiting for, great. Hands on Radebe by waiting. Feet beyond the red carpet. Cylinder head. Travelers in airport building. Radar screen rotates. Passengers in the waiting room. New York flight display. Flags at reception. Stepping off the front of the stand.
Motorcycle-eh renkolonne goes off. Driving, drive to the city: Chapel bridge forest vineyards, houses with flower gardens, construction site, skyscrapers, Rhine steamer, refinery evening sun, behind Church and trees. Trams, transport University, streets. Litfassäule, Town Hall. White motorcycle escort drives sw vorß review: front of the City Hall of de Gaulle, Bhumipol and Sirikit, John F. Kennedy.

Color: German Autostander, great. Mercedes. Mercedes headlight. Man goes level with the magazine under his arm. Car blow opens.
Car driveway from above. Houses facade is reflected in polished radiator.
Members enter Federal House. Newspaper kiosk. Mercedes turn signal front left tree tops. The environment is reflected when driving in car radiators. Government buildings. Turkish Embassy with flag. English message flag.
Palais Schaumburg.Villa Hammerschmidt. Discuss members of the Bundestag. Make a call. Watch, great. Uniform by Parliament? sdiener chest and vest. Speakers before the Bundestag. Pan across tables with files and glasses.
Press Conference with foreign journalists. TASS - BBC - computer tape Telegraph, news radio, tape. Show report from Bonn.
Federal press ball. in the Beethoven Hall. Couples walk down stairs floating ZL. Dance. As guests of Willy Brandt, Gustav Heinemann and Mrs. Mireille Mathieu sings actuality Beethoven monument before rain of Sparks "under the lights of Paris". Trains pass houses. Cars wait outside closed barrier. Mask closes eyes and mouth.
(260.2 m)

4. people in coach. Old women filling picture. Tourists stand in line.
Guided tour of Bonn: seconded - Hochhaus, entering the Federal House.
Woman waiting at the revolving door from the rear with white bag. Sitting on the stands of the plenary Assembly Hall. One man in the Chamber. Interview: "the seconded - high-rise with 589 work and Konfernezräumen, the second highest after the Cologne Cathedral building on the Rhine. In slupsk neighborhood, you see the Federal building. This Parliament building reminiscent of still clearly denprovisorischen character of the capital. Here meet the 3 groups of the German Bundestag, the plenary with its 580 members. (One man sitting in the Chamber)
Tourists with straw hats with colorful ribbons on Wine Festival. Man drinks wine with Red Hat made of glass. Autumn leaves on trees. Castle. Transformer castles, vineyards, country houses, Dance Festival, Rhine, Rhine steamer. Passengers on deck on deck chairs. The Bank travels Güterzugvorbei. Aonnenanbeterin with closed eyes, great.
Lights in DIKO. At Eve's striptease.
Beethoven monument in front of sparks. Trains pass houses. Cars answers before closed barrier. Mask closes eyes and mouth.
(97.6 m)

5. yawning young man goes. University. Young student couple goes. Students. Announcements on wall. Students in a reading room of libraries? with views of the Rhine. Radio telescope in Bonn. Students come out of uni.
Interviews with students: "What do you think of the city of Bonn?" Student with glasses and a ponytail: "Very good, I like Bonn. It is a Very much pretty town".
Young bearded man: "It's so dreamy, romantic."
Student with curly: "Comfortable" student with long straight hair "A small provincial town." Blonde student: "I would describe it as Very much lively". Student blond Beehive with dimples: "It is a Very much complex city."Bearded with long hair: "you what one has, typical officials. City makes." Blonde student: "at the moment the way a modern city to be." Student with a short beard: "what one can think already about Bonn. Surely you know the old saying. It's raining or the barriers are down or you are tired. Most of the time it is but so that man tired? in the rain closed barriers facing."
Mask's eyes open. (71.4 m)



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Bonn ... auch eine Hauptstadt

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Federal Republic of Germany

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