16 Minister Kurzporträts 1970


Walter Arendt, German Federal Minister for labour and Social Affairs Arendt at his home in Wattenscheid. He scrolls before bookcase in book. Erich Kästner "Lyrical medicine chest". He sits down in the Chair and reads. Swivel wall with commemorative medals. Miner's lamps as Eriinnerung at the time of his miner. Leafs through a photo album: photos as a miner, as a speaker before IG mining and energy, with Helmut Schmidt underground. Handshake with Willy Brandt, poking with Schiller, he leaves with Briefcase his house.
Telegraph is running. Arendt during visit to the vocational promotion work in Heidelberg. He speaks with workers for retraining.
On the road when using car. Willy Brandt welcomes Minister in the Chancellor's Office. Arendt in conversation with liver. Willy Brandt with cigarette, big. Arendt in conversation with Lauritzen. Arnedt cabinet meeting.
Arendt at his desk in the study of the Ministry. He reads the post and interview (urgent tasks of the Ministry: more social justice - more social security (55 m) [not pictured: Willy Brandt, German Chancellor election night 1969 Brandt answered questions from journalists.]) Election to the Bundestag as Chancellor. Congratulations after the election by Kiesinger, Scheel and others received the Heinemann. Swearing-in as Chancellor.
Berlin: aerial Gedächtniskirche, Europa Center. The Brandenburg Gate.
Brandt speaks before the Reichstag building drive in 1965 on May 1 outside the White House in Washington. Meeting with Dwight D. Eisenhower in Washington 1959. In addition to Johnson in Berlin in 1961 when driving through the city. In conversation with Johnson, Hubert Humphrey (United States 1967) Dean Rusk (United States 67) answers questions from journalists on the Elysee Palace in Paris of 1969 NATO Ministerttagung in Paris 1966 20th anniversary meeting of the NATO in Washington in 1969. On the lectern. Goes next to Nixon. Großaufnhme in addition to Nixon's profile. Talking to U Thant (United States 1967), Romania's Foreign Minister Manescu Bonn welcomes 1967th meeting with Stoph in Erfurt 1970. On the window of the Erfurt of Justice.
At the lectern of the German Bundestag. When meeting with Minister Ehmke, the State Secretaries Duckwitz, Egon Bahr, Katharina Focke, and Conrad Ahlers in the Chancellor's Office.
56th birthday in the Chancellor's Office. Children present a picture. Rut Brandt laughing, great. Close-up Brandt with cigar. Interview in his Office at the desk: (what problem bothering you the most? Schwieirgkeit the importance of reconciliation with the East understood to make).
(89 m)]

Horst Ehmke, Federal Minister for Special Affairs was sworn as Minister in the German Bundestag through von hassel. Large for smaller briefing, in addition to Brandt. Brandt smokes cigarette, big. Egon Bahr and Katharina Focke. Ehmke goes down stairs in the Chancellor's Office. Ehmke initiates session of Stassekretäre. Great in conversation with Brandt. Ehmke in his work room. He reads the post. In conversation with Professor Dahrendorf. Ehmke gives interview, big (successful politicians of the future compared to the past? More knowledge is needed and management skills) in Nuremberg at Sieur and ceremony of the Nuremberg funnel in his private house in Rthöndorf. Sitting with his wife and children on porch.
Mrs Ehmke, great. Daughter, great son, great. Boxer on the lawn. Playing with Boxer. Playing football with his son.
(60 m)

Erhard Eppler Federal Minister for economic cooperation car drives in front of the Ministry. Car is opened. Eppler's getting out. Eppler enters Ministry. Eppler sits at his desk and on the phone, foniert, big. In conversation with employees. Welcome and discussion with aid workers. Eppler speaks before the Committee for economic cooperation. Meeting with guests from Asia and Africa. Photos from developing countries. Interview: (fight against poverty in the world) Eppler and family in Dornstetten in the Black Forest of skiing. In his house. Goes through the room. Play wife and 4 children. Sitting behind the desk.
(71 m)

Josef Ertl Federal Ministry of nutrition, agriculture and forestry Ertl when was sworn as Minister in the Bundestag. Right of way by car before Ministry. Ertl gets out and entering the Ministry. Working at the desk. Sign post, presenting him Secretary.
Ertl at head of Department meeting at the Ministry. Close-up. Interview: (agricultural policy in the next few years? on an equal footing participate agriculture in economic progress, social equality of farmers, promotion of German agricultural products) cabinet meeting with Ertl. Ertl on reception in Bonn. With glass, large, are autograph.
Get out of car in bad Wiessee and enters the House. Smoking cigar, great.
Bookshelf, horse Kruzufix. Ertl in a conversation with journalists at the coffee table in his home. Sailing boat is allowed to water. Ertl sails with Bobble in Nicholas regatta on Lake Tegernsee.
(65 m)

Egon Franke Federal Minister for intra-German relations his house in Hanover. Franke sits at his desk and works.
Franke speaks in voice recorder. Franke is filming his wife in room that plays with son and daughter with person. Franke and family go up stairs. Electric cars on Highway in nursery.
Bundestag session. Franke speaks before the German Bundestag (contacts between young people from East and West - improving human rights) driving uptake by Tilpenfeld to the Ministry for intra-German relations. Car drives. Franke enters the elevator. Franke scrolls in files in his Office. Franke is interview (pursuit of contractual agreements with the East).
In addition to Brandt at the meeting with he should. The train window in Erfurt, large, in addition to Brandt. (48 m)

Hans Dietrich Genscher, Federal Minister of the Interior shall in addition to his daughter Martina in the snow out of the House in Bonn Heiderhof.
Get in car and drives. Genscher welcomes visitors of the German Sports Federation in the Ministry. Genscher in helicopter in flight from Bonn to Cologne to the sports University. Increases after landing from helicopters. In addition to Walter at reception on the occasion of the Foundation of the Sports Science Institute.
Genscher is working at his desk. Genscher gives interview (check the Abgeenzung of responsibilities between federal and State Governments. Education policy better with more responsibilities for the Federal Government. Dynamic work style. Of restlessness of youth take impulses for further development) In conversation before German map of spatial planning issues. Visit to the Federal Border Guard in Goslar.
(62 m)

Gerhard Jahn, Federal Minister of justice settings of Rosenburg, Federal Ministry of Justice. Jahn sits at his desk and spreads whistle. Jahn when was sworn as Minister in the Bundestag. Jahn goes down stairs in his Ministry and talks with employees. To speak at the meeting.
Leaving the building of the Federal Supreme Court in Karlsruhe.
Crosses the street in his home town of Marburg. Enters a small cafe and talks there with citizens of Marburg constituency... Front of old timber-frame house in Harburg filming with camera.
(51 m)

Lauritz Lauritzen, Federal Minister for urban development and housing door opens. Car blinks and moves into the courtyard of the Ministry of urban development and housing. Lauritzen at the desk in his study. Lauritzen on the phone, big, post signs. Lauritzen in the foyer of his Ministry b. viewing and hang new Gilder. Going up stairs. Discussion with staff on city model. Construction site in Bonn attended Lauritzen. Interview with construction workers. Pan across scaffold.
Interview gives Lauritzen (housing support, so that gap can be closed). Lauritzen in the Federal Chancellery in conversation with Genscher.
His private home. Shield: Caution dutiful dog. Lauritzen enters the garden and welcomes the wife and two sons. Indoors of the House. Antlers on walls, books on the desk.
(55 m)

Georg Leber, Federal Minister for transport and for the postal and telecommunications House and terrace. Lefcer stroking dogs. Liver paints. Recordings dating back to 1963. Pfeifenständer, Bookshelf. Liver reads.
Liver presented bouquet (1963) with John F. Kennedy in Berlin. Liver disease in the swearing in the Bundestag. Liver and soft men when crusing in the port of Hamburg. Liver is Lady in operation at the beginning of the construction work of the Hamburg Elbe tunnel with safety helmet.
Cameramen on the road. Liver talks in Bonn before the station after his return from America with Peter von Zahn. Close-up interview (compaction of erkehrs – creation of a modern road network) drive in front of the Ministry. Liver entering Ministry. Liver is located on the airfield of Foreign Minister Scheel after his return from Moscow. Cabinet meeting, in a conversation with Schiller (51 m) Hans Leussink, German Federal Minister for education and science driving record Bonn to the Ministry of education. car drives in front of Ministry. Leussink sits at his desk and works. He signs post. Close-ups. His hand with large glasses. Leussink on the phone, great. Leussink gives interview, big (personal work style "soon). Leussink welcomes participants of the constituent meeting of the Planning Committee of the Federal and State Governments. Leussink attended the University of Hamburg. Leussink speaks.
His private house in Karlsruhe. Leussink sitting in chairs before a fireplace bookcase, reading. Close-up. Chinese pressure, old vases. Mrs Leussink reads newspaper. Airdale is stroked TERRIER.
(46 m)

Alex Möller, German Federal Minister of finance in Bonn station train. Möller goes to his car. Driving through Bonn in the rear car, great. Get out and enters the Ministry of finance. Möller is working at his desk, large, and sign post. Speaks at meeting with Secretaries of State and employees of the Ministry. In the Gesoräch with Willy Brandt, great. Studying files in his apartment. Files are on furniture. Möller gives interview, big (personal relationship to the money - real Verhälltnis, if acquired through work) (42 m) Walter Scheel, German Federal Minister of for Foreign Affairs Scheel descends stairs in his private house in Bonn. In his library, gives interview (lasting order of peace in the world). Scheel is working at his desk in work rooms. Offers message board Oeckert. Phone, great. Takes hat and coat and leaves the room.
From laughing the meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Council of Europe in 1969 in Paris.
Rising from Mercedes and enters skyscraper in Bonn meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee MEPs. In talking with Schröder, large. New year's reception at the Bonn Beethovenhalle, close-up, greeted guests.
Congratulations in the Federal Cabinet of Willy Brandt, 55 birthday. Great in conversation with Brandt.
Stieftohter Cornelia sliding down banisters in house. Scheel is Ms. Mildred Scheel and daughter Cornelia. Sits in Chair with family.
(76 m)

Karl Schiller, German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs goes along way. Stills image filling. Close-up. Schiller when he was sworn as Minister of Economic Affairs. Schiller in conversation with Helmut Shmidt and Willy Brandt. In addition to Schütz, Schiller goes through Berlin industrial exhibition. Schiller rises from Airbus. Signed d. of german French agreement on the Airbus. Laughing, tall, with glass in the industry Film Prize 1970 Schiller at meeting of concerted action.
Welcomes present u.a.Otto burner. Gives interview about meeting of concerted action. Cologne-Bonn from car rises on flying club climbs aircraft of the Bundeswehr. On the plane when the file study, large. Is greeted after landing in Bremen. At the Willy Brandt press ball sitting next to ester Ofarim. Brandt dances with ester Ofraim. Schiller dances with future wife, great.
(57 m)

Helmut Schmidt, Federal Minister of defence car reverses against the Ministry of defence. Schmidt leaving and entering Ministry. Schmidt works at the desk, great. Drink from glass and smokes cigarette, big. On the phone.
With a delegation in Moscow with Foreign Minister Gromyko in 1969.
Schmidt when was sworn as Minister in the Bundestag. In conversation with Schiller and Brandt. In conversation with Lauritzen.
Schmidt visited Lützow-Kaserne in Handorf near Münster. Demonstration of a tank vehicle.
Schmidt visited officer Versammlungin Koblenz. Is welcomed by Le Mazière.
Schmidt gives press conference after the meeting of the officer.
Visit the in the Elysée Palace in Paris. Car drives forward. Present. Schmidt entered the Elysee Palace.
Schmidt on the Bonn press Ballin. Scheel dances with Uschi glass. Schmidt tanzr with Mrs.
Schmidt in his holiday home in Schleswig-Holstein. He deletes Windows and sails in a small Bott at sea.
(67 m)

Käte Strobel, Federal Minister for youth, family and health Käte Strobel on the Government bench in the German Bundestag. At her swearing in the Bundestag as a Minister. Käte Strobel enters her Ministry. You sit at her desk and are interview, large (inner commitment, good education, promotion = requirements for political career for young girls. Education for youth) Käte Strobel receives two visitors from Africa. In conversation with representatives of the German Medical Association.
Käte Strobel climb car. During the ride in rear of car. Large.
Visited a mobile unit of the Institute for social medicine in Berlin.
Käte Strobel in the kitchen of her apartment in Nuremberg. Sitting with husband, daughter and grandchildren at the table playing cards. Laughing, great. Goes with grandchild from home in Nuremberg, (51 m)



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16 Minister Kurzporträts

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