Wir kennen sie nicht 1969


01 Act branches from trees in the air. The façade of the houses. Swing city street where kindergartners walk with kindergarten teachers.
Perception based on children's feet. Children on a traffic island in the middle of traffic. Smiling children's faces. To encounter each other. Children's faces behind bars when viewing of jobsite Alster city centre. Excavators, large. Little boy examines trash. Children's feet gently walk down stairs. Children's faces before showcase. Mannequins. Dolls, large. Children look at beetles, which falls on back. Children tear break poster. Intense de costumes by shield. Close-up of child's face. Young man squints to child and tweaks together eye. Child imitates. Blind man in addition to brush display. Kids watch it.
Development of lubricating room in kindergarten. Children paint with colors on walls and tables. Farbbesprotzte children's faces, great. Girl sitting at the table while eating. Child's face in the large. Playing with spoons and doesn't want to eat. Makes faxing. Mother admonishes child O-T. Boy throws trash room, crazy furniture and throwing books off the boat. Climbing on furniture, mother speaks O-T on education.
(426 m) 02 Act performance several children on the way to school. Children painting in school room. Children talk interview about the school and its teachers. Jutta ernice intervoewt children in the schoolyard. Older students talk interview about the school and the teachers.
Young teacher during lessons in class actuality. Teacher reads aloud and gives the book a girl who continue to read. Then boy should read, which reads poorly and then works to the book. Scene is played. Teacher describes 3 children. Best in class, troublemakers and outsiders. Children get out of bus. Class trip. Children village fountain.
(460 m) 03 act causes driving recording tree-lined Avenue. Müttergenesungsheim Elly Heuss Knapp House. Women rise from taxi and go in the House. Beginning the mother-recovery treatment. Mothers in living room, man, woman and small child logging in to the ve fastener feed, mothers talk about their troubles actuality. Children's faces, great.
Kicherndes and laughing young girl, big. Young girls young men on the street. Girl on the phone. Young people talk about their father, and their parents. Swivel speak interview room facilities and TV, parents on the education of their children. Adjust or reject close-up shots of young people. Bum out on the street, young man with long hair, big. Young Mannrangelt girls on the street. Jutta Pernice interviewed people "which means be young" young man with long hair and cigarette, big.
(387 m) 04 Act modern posters on the walls. Young man talks about his career aspirations. Mother speaks about her son. Mothers and sons speak over each other. Municipality. People lie Junte on beds. Clutter. Young women and children. Young man from commune speaks interview, great. Student speaks interview, why she left home in her room.
Parents meeting with discussion about sex education actuality. 15th girl talks about her parents on counselling interview. Mother talks about daughter actuality. Girl walking on street in Maxi dress.
(439 m) 05. Act view from car on road. Tracker gets out of car, checked young people. Young people are invited to come with and climb car. On guard, drugs in the pockets is found and placed on table. Interrogation of young girls on the Narcotics Squad. Young people for questioning. Dancing in youth venue, great.
Young girl goes on bridge. Young girls talk about their fate of 19-year-old girl, mother of 3 children, expected her 4th child and talks about their fate. Close-ups of the parents and husband, the young mother and 3 children. The parents and the husband's opinion.
(507 m)



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Wir kennen sie nicht

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Federal Republic of Germany

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