Japan 69 1969


Detailed Japanese screen-filling. Moving cars. Boat with Swan bug. Moving trains. Young Japanese, great. Young Japanese girl, great.
German delegation on the plane. Secretary writes on a typewriter. Staatsseketrät Diehl as well as he was on the plane. Balloon Fujiama.
Title: Japan 69 with the Bundesknazler in the far East. Red carpet is rolled out. Airfield Tokyo. Prime Minister Sato and wife at the airfield. Kiesinger and wife go down stairs. SATO welcomes Kiesinger and Mrs. Cameramen and photographers. Games of the German and Japanese national anthem. 15s. Diplomats presented Kiesinger. Standing photograph photographer on ladders. Kiesinger and officer step down front of 15s. Cars with German stands moves. Driving record city Tokyo.

Residence of the Japanese Prime Minister: Kiesinger and SATO in the residence. He was sitting next to SATO. Photographers and cameramen screen when shooting. SATO pins Kamagate order. He was pins order Sato.

Reception in the evening: woman Kiesinger drinking from glass. He was with glass. Guests.

Interview: Günter Müggenburg and Rudolf Woller in the Park of the guest residence. Camera is set up. Kiesinger welcomed Salih and Müggenbrug. Kiesinger sits down and gets the microphone. Kiesinger's television interview. Günter Müggenburg (ARD) and Rudol Woller (ZDF) ask original sound. The State Secretaries Diehl and duck joke in the Gesoräch.
Japanese going boy. Cars. Policeman. Metro train station.

Kyoto: Ancient temples and wells. Schoolchildren receive flags, Kiesinger draws water from Holy source with cups and drink, photographers move Kiesinger and wife. Japanese tea ceremony. Luppa with camera, great. Kiesinger and woman drinking tea.

Geisha party: Geisha bring food. Food of Kiesinger and wife. He was eating with chopsticks. Boats from sea. Dancer to boot. Children in costumes.

Interview for Japanese television: Kiesinger gives interview for Japanese television. Image gravel Ingers on the control screen. Tokyo At night. Neon signs.

Reception at the German residence: Kiesinger SATO greeted upon arrival. Kiesinger Sato and women welcoming guests. Gala dinner. Mrs Kiesinger in addition to SATO. Golf course: Kiesinger goes beyond golf course. Diehl photographed. Views to the sea. Drivers in the car lift numbers before departure, he was on the station, express. Interview about the trip speaks Kiesinger and journalists on the train. Journalists ask actuality. Driving record. Young Japanese. Young Japanese girl.



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Japan 69

mit dem Bundeskanzler in Fernost (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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