Tagebuch einer Reise 1968


Flight over clouds. Willy Brandt in the aircraft sitting and reading. Close-up of Brandt. Landing from aircraft filmed in New York. Brnatd go down stairs.

New York: City image. United Nations building. Photo graphs. Brandt talking to U Thant. Brandt in conversation with Dean Rusk, the Iranian Foreign Minister, Gromyko, Brandt in his hotel room. Pipe stuffs to Brandt, big, Brandt reads newspaper. Brandt at meeting. Brandt in conversation with the Israelite Ausseniminster Ebban and the British Foreign Minister Stewart, with the Tunisian Foreign Minister Bourgiba Jr., with the Turkish Foreign Minister. Brandt signs the Convention on human rights. He speaks this quote (English) Chile: meeting the German Ambassador in Latin America in Vienna del Mar. Brandt visited the Chilean President Eduardo free, Brandt speaks interview about German foreign policy. The coast of the seaside resort of Vienna del Mar. City image Valpareiso. City image of Santiago. Total, traffic. High-rise buildings. Young girl immediately. Close-up Brandt at meeting. Brandt and Minister of Foreign Affairs Valdez sign agreement on capital assistance for Chile.
The Escuela industrial (industrial school), working with German agents and German teachers. Students in workshops with teaching.
Brandt visited the German Pavilion at the industrial exhibition in Santiago. Brandt visited a German school. Students demonstrate Chilean dance. Girl awarded Silver Spurs Brandt as a gift, and embraces him. Ausenminister Valdez is a reception for Brandt. Picnic in the open air. Fleischwird roasted on grill. Chilean folk dance group performs dance. Guitar Player. The Mayor pegs DO'URDEN Brandt. Brandt holds actuality acceptance speech (in Spanish).
Flight over the Andes. Brandt in aircraft, large cigarette catches. Luftqufnahme of the Andes. The Aconcagua.

Argentina: Buenos Aires cityscape. Brandt in an interview with the Argentine Foreign Minister Costa Mendez. Argentine soldiers marching before the Memorial. Brandt resigns wreath. Soldiers in period uniforms, great. Brandt in conversation with the President of argentnischen. Brandt in helicopters. Helicopter rises and flies over Buenos Aires. Balloon. Brandt opened German Buchausstelluhg. He cuts through the band.

Uruguay: Loading of goods in the port of Montevideo. Cityscape. Traffic and driving buses. Brandt resigns wreath at the Memorial of freedom heroes. Still photos of the Brandt's visit with the President.

Brazil: The figure of Christ on the sugar loaf. The beach of Copacabana. City image Rio de Janeiro, with Sugarloaf. Brandt in an interview with the Brazilian Foreign Minister. Brandt receives an honorary doctorate of the University of Rio Janeiro dd. Brasilia: Modern buildings and streets. The Parliament buildings. Brandt's reception for the Brazilian Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Palace Hotel Copacabana. Guests are welcomed by Brandt.

Return: Brandt in large aircraft. Landing in Cologne filmed delusion from aircraft. Brandt goes down stairs.


New York ; Chile ; Valpareiso ; Santiago ; Argentina ; Uruguay ; Montevideo, Uruguay ; Brazil ; Rio de Janeiro ; Brasilia ; Cologne



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Tagebuch einer Reise

Brandt in Südamerika (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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