Das unvolkommene Paradies 1968


01. nude landend aircraft from below. Top of plane image filling. Landing in Frankfurt, great. Passengers get off. Passport control in Frankfurt. Foreigners give interview interview about the Federal Republic.

Title the imperfect paradise 20 years Federal Republic of Germany driving record highway. Modern train. Car tunnel under North Baltic Sea Canal. Modern facades. Industry driving record. Modern road cross. Computer control room. Laboratory. Operating room. Steel mill.

Review: Fallen cemetery. Photos: Hitler, cheers. War, captured, debris. Crowding on train station. Train full of people on running boards. Nissen huts. 1 municipal elections. Photos: Schumacher as speaker, Carlo Schmid, Ollenhauer, Ernst Reuter, Erhard. Meeting of the Parliamentary Council Herrenchiemsee.
Carlo Schmid is interview interview (emergence of the Parliamentary Council without the eastern zone) 1949: swearing Adenauer asl 1 German Federal Chancellor. 1950: Korea war - Wohnuhngsbau in the Federal Republic 1956: uprising in Hungary - launched in the Federal Republic. Rocket launch - Exchange Office in Kaushof as a symbol of the purchasing power of 1963: funeral Kennedy - beach full beach chairs in the 1966 Federal Republic: cultural revolution in China - highways of full cars in Germany 1969: Viet Nam war-parking of cars in the Federal Republic. Diplomatic reception - NATO-meeting - marching German troops. EEC building in Brussels. EEC session. German aid workers in Pakistan. State visit of John F. Kennedy, Charles de Gaulle, Queen Elisabeth in the Burep.
Wall border. Broken tracks. The 17th of June 1953 refugees. ER building wall. Tearing of Bower colonies in East Germany. TRUCK of on the access roads to Berlin. Onslaught in East Berlin before integrating.
Herbert Wehner speaks interview on the subject of reunification. Student demonstrations.
02. Act of farmer strike (536 m). Closures of factories in the Ruhr area, laying of pipelines. Atimkraftwerk. Retraining of skilled workers. Zone boundary area as emergency areas. Professor Karl Steinbuch, Karlsruhe speaks interview (future opportunities) Economics Senator King talks about the future of Berlin's original sound. The Kurfürstendamm, people, cars, the wall.
(138 m)





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Das unvolkommene Paradies

20 Jahre BRD (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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