Kunst zwischen heute und morgen documenta Kassel 1968


People in the documenta.
Autibahnabzweigung Kassel. City traffic. People on the street in the city. Entrance to Museum. Catalogs.

1955: documenta 1: works of art since 1900 Picasso: woman in front of mirror. Chagall, Mattisse. Geometric abstraction. Op. art.
Landgrave William VIII. Kassel art gallery. Rembrandt painting: Kakob bless his grandchildren. Self portrait.
Ruin city of Kassel speaks interview after 1945. organizer of the documenta.

1959: documenta 2: art since 1945 in Europe. Sculptures, mobiles, metal art.

1964: documenta 3: is art, famous artists do. Sculptures. Henry Moore, Brigitte Meyer Denninghoff. Saint, Hajek.

1968: documenta 4: pop art, op art, Kinetics.
People in the exhibition. Large shapes, images. Professor vpn Butlar speaks interview. Pop art art: big thumb, nose, and mouth. Gipsadrücke of people. Marylin Monroe, Comic Strip. English pop art. Legs and feet - up PIN. Rauschenberg: Wall Street with wood and cloth. Paint tubes under Plexiglas. (France), glasses. Love made of stainless steel. Right angle, cubes, cube. Forest made of steel tubes. Light effects. Neon light around wooden box. Mirror room to enter. Designed spaces. Glass doors with glued brochures. Figures in living room, animal skeleton head, this man with hanging down his head and rose.
Kinetic art. Moving rods, balls. Light effects. Sound and light. Guitar Player and piano teacher to light effects. Flashing lights and balls.
Josef Albers: color theory. Squares.
Relief from pieces of wood. Fantasy figures. Machine images. Zip, transformer. Art school for children. Children paint with oil paint. Children paintings. Light and sound effects.



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Kunst zwischen heute und morgen documenta Kassel

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