Eine freundschaftliche Begegnung - Kiesinger in Pakistan 1967


Balloon mountain. Snow Summit. Red carpet at airfield is swept off by Pakistani. Men with balloons flowers. Transparent welcome S. E. Lord Dr. Kurt Kiesinger - long live the Friedship between Pakistan and Germany. Recording team of Pakistani television. Cables are unrolled. Red lamp lights up. Speak speaker. Incoming aircraft rolls out on the control screen. A Winker. Khan welcomed Kiesinger and woman down the stairs of the plane come Ayub. Balloons fly up. Little boy presented flowers to Kiesinger and wife. Playing of the national anthems. Kiesinger's Ayub Khan. Band playing. Kiesinger is front of the stand, behind him Ayub Khan. Departing car with the stander of Kiesinger and Ayub Khan.
He was talking with his-Begleitern of Guttenberg, Jahn Secretary of State for, Ahlers. Visiting Ayub Khan. Kiesinger and Ayubk Khan sit on sofa. Gesoröche. On Chair beside Guttenberg. Gifts are on the table. Plastic, vase and others cityscape Rawalpindi. The old town. People, small carts. People carry loads on their heads. Veiled women. Craftsmen on the road. Modern buildings of Islamabad, construction machinery, forklifts. Modern completed buildings.

He was visited the Taxila Museum: he was visited old reliefs and sculptures. In his accompanying wife Kiesinger, Ayub Khan, of Guttenberg. Reception at Ayub Khan. Kiesinger and wife upon arrival. Guests will be presented Kiesinger and wife. Food. Ayub Khan sitting next to Ms. Kiesinger. Conversation. He was sitting Begum Ayub Khan. Ayub Khan holds speech, the original sound. The project of Kawela dam. The Mangla Dam. Dam.
Kiesinger speaks interview. Toast with a glass of Ayub Khan. The Research Institute Multan. German Pakistani model farm. Cattle. Agricultural machinery, tractors.

Joint Conference: car driving before. Servant opens car shock. Ayub Khan is leaving. Kiesinger welcomes Ayub Khan. Conference of both government delegations with Ayub Khan, Kiesinger, Guttenberg, Jahn, Ahlers.

Press Conference: AAG speaks interview to the journalists.
Kiesinger says goodbye on the airfield of Ayub Khan. Reporter. Kiesinger and wife go up stairs. Kiesinger in large aircraft. Start from the aircraft filmed. Aircraft wing. Mrs Kiesinger in the aircraft, large. Aerial view of snow mountains.



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Eine freundschaftliche Begegnung - Kiesinger in Pakistan

Kiesinger in Pakistan (Additional title)

Country of Origin:
Federal Republic of Germany

Year of Production and/or Release

Date of Production:
1967 - 1968


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