Eine freundschaftliche Begegnung - Kiesinger in Indien 1967


Lufthansa Boeing 727 rolls in the image screen. Part adjustment down of the aircraft. Cameramen. Indirah Gandhi welcomes Kiesinger and wife Kiesinger. Kiesinger gets set to flower wreath. 15s presents. German and Indian flag colours. National anthems. He was alone in the image. Military band plays. Indira Gandhi holds welcoming speech at the airport O-T. Mrs Kiesinger, great. He was called O-T. Indira Gandhi in addition to wife Kiesinger.
Width of all. Driving from the airport to the President Palace. Indira Gandhi greeted Kiesinger upon arrival. Kiesinger, Indira Gandhi, the State Secretaries Guttenberg and Jahn, the German Ambassador and politicians at the Conference. Driving record New Delhi Government District. Traffic COP on podium... He was visiting President Hussein's arrival. Welcome Husseinkiesinger.
Indira Gandhi's reception honoring gravel Ingers. Indira Gandhi and he was to welcome the guests. Close-up Kiesinger. Food. Indira Gandhi sits between Kiesinger and Guttenberg. Indirah Gandhi gives O-T table speech. He was called O-T. Toast with glasses Kamagate Indirah Gandhi.
He was put down at the Memorial to Mahatma Gandhi Kranz. Large wreath loop. Kiesinger gets set to Flower necklace and planting trees.
Snake charmers. Cobra, big, established. Old city of Delhi. Cows are on the road. Alze carts, small companion, veiled women. Craftsmen on the road, hairdresser scheert beard. Leuze carry loads on their heads.

Workshop Bukla: The German teacher reported interview. Indians in the workshop at the grind, drill.
Ceremony in the University. Entry of professors. Kiesinger receives an honorary doctorate of the Faculty of law. Kiesinger speaks interview (devotion to Mahatma Gandhi).

Reception of citizenship in the Red Fort: musician competition. Musicians play. He was sitting next to Ms. Kiesinger. The Mayor is decorated with Kiesinger with flower garland. Young Indian girl Dance classical Indian dance.

Press Conference: Kiesinger speaks actuality (success of the visit) Kiesinger's reception for Indira Gandhi: Indira Gandhi greeted Kiesinger. Kiesinger, Indira Gandhi and wife Kiesinger welcome guests.

New Delhi Airport: Luggage before the plane. Children swing German and Indian flags. Kiesinger and Indira Gandhi goodbye. Kiesinger and wife Kiesinger go up stairs. Wave front of the aircraft to Indira Gandhi, who also beckons. Aircraft rolls.


India ; New Delhi flying club



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Eine freundschaftliche Begegnung - Kiesinger in Indien

Kiesinger in Indien (Additional title)

Country of Origin:
Federal Republic of Germany

Year of Production and/or Release

Date of Production:
1967 - 1968


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