Kontakte 1967


01. nude Capitol in Washington. Colloseum in Rome, Tower in London. Tip by aircraft running from. Double-decker buses in London. Changing of the guard before Buckingham Palace of waving stander on car.
Title: In conversation with the world he was, great, in aircraft. He was in conversation with Brandt. Brandt goes down stairs. Kiesinger in rear of car. Cameramen and photographers. Kiesinger at wreath-laying ceremony and dinner. Brandt at NATO meeting. Kiesinger Flower necklace with mortar. Brandt receives flowers from a young girl and is embraced.
Kiesinger in the United States (August 1967) aircraft cockpit. View from airplane wings and nozzle. He was in plane with von Guttenberg, von hase.
Kiesinger is welcomed at the White House by Johnson. Kiesinger and Johnson shake hands of people by Park Grill. Kiesinger and Johnson walk through Park. Conversation in the Park.
Brandt in conversation with Dean Rusk. Kiesinger gives press conference. von Guttenberg, great. Kiesinger speaks interview (English). He was in front of Capitol, great.

De Gaulle in Bonn: part cutting plane, sideways, filling picture. The rotating radar screen. Stand of the Bundeswehr. De Gaulle goes down stairs. He was greeted de Gaulle. de Gaulle shaking hands with Schiller. Play the French national anthem.
Festive evening in the Godesberg Redoute. Showing off cars. Servant opens car blow. Brandt gets out. De Gaulle and get off. Politicians in the conversation. Pompidou, great. He was talking to de Gaulle. Kiesinger and de Gaulle behgrüßen guests: Carlo Schmid, Rosenberg, Schiller, Schröder, Brandt. German French cabinet meeting. Brandt Kiesinger image filling. De Gaulle, great.

He was in London double-decker buses drive in streets. Thames. Port facilities. He was talking to opposition leader Heath sitting on sofa. Dowing Street 10 drives forward car. Wilson welcomes Kiesinger in front of the House. He was alongside Wilson voor House wave at people. Kiesinger goes along with Wilson and wife. Kiesinger speaks interview (common Europe) Brussels: meeting of foreign and defense Ministers of NATO (December 67) Press Center. Hand writes on Telegraph. Editor with phone. Conference participants on arrival: Brandt, Schröder, Brown, Rusk, Couve de Murville. Door is closed. Brandt on floor going big, from the front.

Brandt in Romania Brandt goes down stairs. Shaking hands. Session. In addition to Foreign Minister Manescu.

Lübke in Paris (Palais Beauharnais) the new German Embassy in Palais Beauharnais. Wehner at the Palais Beauharnais. Saharan presented the key when opening the German Ambassador Kleiber bot. Lübke in addition to Wilhelmine Lübke. De Gaulle visited the German Embassy.

Kiesinger and Brandt in Rome Roman fountain. Kiesinger and Brandt in conversation with representatives of the Italian Government. Fountain Kiesinger, Brandt, of Guttenberg in the Forum.

He was in Portugal and Spain Portugal. He was award the honorary doctorate. Spain: Kiesinger and wife go to reception at Franco. Franco welcomed Kiesinger. Franco gives Kiesinger order. Kiesinger bends over and gets set to order Ribbon. He was talking with the Spanish Foreign Minister.

Brandt in Morocco Brandt goes under umbrella to session. Street scene. Donkey. Veiled women. Knife grinders on the road.
(481 m)

Brandt in Chile March of Chilean troops. Brandt moves from front of 15s. Brandt at visiting the President Eduardo free. Brandt visited the German Pavilion at an international industrial exhibition. Brandt at garden party. Borführung of dances. Reception with the Mayor of Santiago. Mayor Orden pins Brandt. Brandt speaks interview (Spanish) Brandt enters helicopter. Helicopter flies.

Argentina Brandt Brandt cuts Ribbon at opening of a German book show. Brandt did on the Ausstelluhg.

Brandt in Uruguay Brandt goes down stairs. Brandt in conversation with the Uruguayan Staastpräsidenten. Brandt gives press conference, great.
(481 m) 02 Act Kiesinger in India Indian girl, great. New Delhi's cityscape. Cows on the road. Pedestrian. Traffic COP. Indirah Ghandi receives Kiesinger. Festive dinner. Indira Ghandi welcomes Kiesinger actuality. Indira Ghandi abuts to welcome drink with Kiesinger. Work meeting of Indira Ghandi, Kiesinger, Guttenberg and politician.

He was in Pakistan takes ass load. Agriculture Institute. Cattle. Of Mangela dam. Views of the dam by obne. He was in conversation with AAF. He was in the interview with von Guttenberg. Kiesinger during Ayub Khan. Kiesinger speaks interview (English). Kiesinger and Ayub Khan abut with the glasses on their well-being.

Kiesinger in Turkey presses in newspaper printing. He was talking to the Turkish Prime Minister. He was visited the archaeological site of Ephesus. He was in Persia Kiesinger and wife upon arrival at the airport. People wave. He was talking to dempersischen Prime Minister. He was attended the German school. The Golestan Palace. Kieisnger and wife during visit to the Shah and Farah. Conversation between Kiesinger and Shah. Mrs Kiesinger sitting next to Farah on sofa.

Kiesinger in Afghanistan presentation of dances. He was visited school. The model. Workers in the development of the school next to the cement mixer. Workers in spinning. Textiles will be examined. Fashion show. Kiesinger at a picnic in the open air in the Hindukush Mountains. Kiesinger and wife waving from aircraft. Lufthansa machine rolls on.
(192 m)


United States ; Bonn ; London ; Brussels ; Romania ; Paris ; Rome ; Portugal ; Spain ; Morocco ; Chile ; Argentina ; Uruguay ; India ; Pakistan ; Turkey ; Persia ; Afghanistan



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Im Gespräch mit der Welt (Additional title)

Country of Origin:
Federal Republic of Germany

Year of Production and/or Release

Date of Production:
1967 - 1968


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