An der Schwelle der neuen Zeit 1966


Field flowers, with bee. High-voltage wire. Eyes with glasses, large. Mouth. Running second hand watch. Count down will be counted. Indicator. Clock is running. Atomic bomb. Computer. Computer records. Research laboratory test tubes. Scientific Versuchsreiehen. Electron microscope. Molecular image.
Track automation. Production operations of machines. Car production. Man on the control panel computer, reactor. Isotope fusion.
Aerial view of the highway. People on the street. Dense traffic on Highway during the day and at night. Automatic ticket desk. Car exhibition stand, is turning. Future car, automatically with TV. Motorcycle driver drives. Traffic light. Modern express train. Faces of young women. Fashion show. Beach. Swimming pool, seagulls on the shore. Girl runs on the beach of ZL. Young woman running on the beach with child.
TV phone. Family maintains through TV phone. Housewife is calculated with computer eating together, the calories. Food from microwave oven to scrap dish in seconds.
Communications satellite. Satellite receiving station. Television on 30 waves. Dance GoGo girls. Negro singers.
Rocket launch. Jet fighter. Jet. Aircraft carrier. Plane lands on the ship. Nuclear-powered submarine. Launch of Unterwasserrakten.
Child from dogged the country. Crowds of Indians. Planting of rice. Donkey enters the district at fountain. Large water wheel. Planting in dry area. Helicopter sprays pesticides. Modern agricultural machinery in use. Cocoa harvest. Grain harvest. Plant for the production of artificial protein.
Diving Center for the exploration of the sea. Fish and plants at the bottom of the sea. School of fish. Divers. Space flight in outer space. Space rocket. Moon, Earth's surface. Lunar module test.
Aircraft Jet, large. Launch of aircraft, from the front. Wheels are retracted. Rolling out aircraft. Boeing settings. People go up stairs. Stewardess in airplane goes up stairs. Model of giant aircraft Lockheed 05. giant helicopter. Balloon flying club. Terminals.
Modern buildings and streets. Modern forms of building the city of tomorrow. Modern facades. Open-plan office with files.
Operation on Bull. Electrode used in brain. Bull fighting responds by impulse brave or cowardly.
Libraries and reading area. Learning with your headphones. Child sitting on Chair before a large picture.
Phone disk turns hand. Computer gives data about criminals in police headquarters and static calculations and construction pictures to architect. New York Stock Exchange. Quotes stored mechanically.
Cells under a microscope. Tests in laboratory. Operation. Listeners in the Lecture Hall. Fernsehmamera provides image of the stomach to esophagus. Woman is under irradiation device. Laser light. Rocket launch. Laboratory, astronaut in space, express train, crowd. The Earth rises in underground nuclear explosion. Meerx in the evening.



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An der Schwelle der neuen Zeit

Die Welt von morgen (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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