Expo 67 Montreal 1967


Aerial view of the buildings of the exposition, helicopter pilot in the helicopter. Roof of the German Pavilion. Flying jet fighter. Jets season. Fireworks. People in the German Pavilion. Goethe image. Cube with German landscapes and buildings. Colorful fabrics of textile industry, Goldsmith's art. Works from German museums. Scenes from the theatre life in mirror boxes. Modern churches and sacred art. Graphic representations from old and new times. The printing press in the Gutenberg's workshop. Scores of Bach.
Exhibition train. Railing with people. Exhibition buildings.

Canada: 4 pavilions: the human being as a researcher, as the creator, as the producer in the community. Robot group displays images from the life in Canada. Pavilion of Italy and England.

France: French hostess before the Venus de Milo. Monstrefiguren on the roof of the Pavilion.

USSR: Lenin image. Wostocks and suitable space. Data supplied by telephone. Numbers and statistics. United States: People on escalators. Mercury, Gemini and Apollo capsules from outer space. Hats and caps of various kinds.
Aerial view of Montreal. Highways. Driving record over bridge. Skyscraper. Old houses. Parliament building. Pferdedroschke. Cathedral "Mary, Queen of the world". Monument of to Queen Victoria. Driving record in Montreal. Additional people. The façades of the houses.

German Pavilion: Part settings. Library. Hostesses. Illustrated book about the divided Berlin. Toy train travels through Wonderland. Visitors to the Pavilion. Negro child sleeps on the mother's arm. Electrically controlled characters automatic. Industrial products. Underwater camera, optics, industrial glass, Bauhaus architecture, Daimler, old, apart from Porsche Carrera. Diesel engine in 1907 as well as modern wankel engine. First electric locomotive Siemens. Automation. People: Negril, side, big, Indian girl, woman, great. Photos of the misery in the world, crying children. Hovercraft boat sails. People in the exhibition. Aerial view of the site.


Canada ; France ; USSR ; United States



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Expo 67 Montreal

Treffpunkt Deutscher Pavillon (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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