König Hassan II von Marokko in Deutschland 1965


Plate rest in Studio flashes on and off. Tape running. Mixer. Sound mixer to mixer. Speaker transmitter speaks. Running tape, big.
Control tower at airfield. Arabs with flags at the airport. Waving flags of Morocco and the Federal Republic. Speakers in the control tower gives clearance. Landing of aircraft on the control screen. Aircraft rolls out. Salut shooting. Lübke welcomed Hassan II. Hassan welcomes Mende and Schröder. German army band plays Moroccan national anthem. Lübke in addition to Hassan, half-close. Navy soldier posted rifle. 15s presents. Lübke and Hassan go front of 15s from Lübke and Hassan go to car. Arabs waving. Hassan welcomed compatriots. Car driving off.

Villa Hammerschmidt: motorcycle escort driving with headlights in Park. Lighted entrance of the Villa Hammerschmidt in the dark, totally. Flag is blowing on the roof. Hassan enters adjacent to Lübke Saal. Luppa with camera, great. Handshake Lübke-Hassan. Traffic on the bridge. Motorcycle escort travels by road.

Palais Schaumburg: Bundeswehr soldier presented. Hassan enters the Palais Schaumburg in addition to Erhard. Hassan welcomed Scheel. Interpreter Weber in an interview. Erhard and Hassan sitting in the table talk. Erhard with cigar, on the side.

Bonn: Trumpeter of police Chapel, great. Town Hall and market square. People clap. Hassan beckons on balcony. Arabs waving. Police band playing. Wagon train leaves OJ
Drum roll. 2 soldiers wearing wreath. Hassan put down wreath at the Memorial of the unknown soldier. Bundeswehr soldier with trombone. Game "I have ' a comrade". Wreath loop King Hassan.

Reception at the Beethovenhalle: guests upon arrival. Schröder and wife upon arrival, half-close. Hassan, Lübke and Wilhelmine Lübke on arrival, half-close. Arab diplomats of inheimatlicher costume. Hassan, Lübke and Wilhelmine Lübke greet the guests. Wilhelmine Lübke sitting in an interview with Hassan. Orchestra plays Schubert. Cellist. Conductor conducts. Total Orchestra. Reception on the Petersberg: Hassan, Lübke and Wilhelmine Lübke. Meat is roasted on grill. Wilhelmine Lübke accepts plate with meat at the buffet. By hassel at the buffet and Gallo.

Exhibition: map on the prospect of North Africa with Morocco. Folk art. Stool, vase. Picture of woman.
Industrial site. Smoke. Car headlights illuminated road.

Düsseldorf: Hassan and Prime Minister of Meyers visit tourist office. Brochures. Hassan speaks interview.
Spokesman in Studio talks.


Villa Hammerschmidt ; Palais Schaumburg ; Bonn ; Beethoven Hall ; Petersberg ; Düsseldorf



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König Hassan II von Marokko in Deutschland

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Federal Republic of Germany

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