20 Jahre danach 1965


01 nude dancing, total, from above. Hands on piano, great. Dancing half-close. Still copying the dancing (siren wails). Rubble desert.

Title Shaker bar. Wealth people. Jewelry-bearing ladies. Ride through the neon-lit road At night.
1945: houses wall st + rzt together. Ruins. Swastika is blown up. Pictures of debris 1945 and built cities 1965: Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Bremen, Berlin, Ulm, Nuremberg, Munich.
1945: Battle for Berlin. Woman running on the street and falls. German soldiers walk with your hands from homes. U.S. tank in Cologne.
1965: Faschingsujzug in Cologne.
1945: Corpus Christi procession in rümmern.
1965: Kirchentag today. Modern churches. Modern facades of houses, bungalows, residential development. Young woman in modern apartment, 1945: Nissen huts. Miserable Hob. Nissen family. Refugee Trek from the East. Crying child. Potsdam Conference. License for the Süddeutsche Zeitung.
1965: Modern Rotationsuiaschine. Adenauer and Erhard enter House. 1945: The High Commissioners sign esatzungsstatut.
1965: diplomatic reception. Erhard Johnson.
1945: German prisoners of war 1965: Bundeswehr soldiers with steel helmets parading before Adenauer and von hassel. German army marching, parade of British, French and Americans. Maneuver - 1945: production of Töüfenund seven from steel helmets. Destroyed Krupp works in 1965: factory of Krupp today, creating wagons 1945: destroyed Krupp works - 1965: rebuilt industrial plants.
1945: Zerstlrter inland port Duisburg - 1965: Central back Einnenhafen.
1965: Rhein Main Frankfurt airport. Lufthansa dispatch. Check-in Hall. Aircraft on the airfield. People go up the stairs to the plane. Start. Nozzle from aircraft filmed, balloon Frankfurter Kreuz and motorway.
Modern roads. Transport hub. Fehmarnsund bridge.
1945: Rhine bridge at Cologne was destroyed. Destroyed bridges.
1965: Modern bridges. Rail passes bridge.
1945: wood car. 1965: Auto Salon with chrome car: Jaguar, VW, Fiat, traffic COP controls traffic, crowded highway. Caravans.
1945: Elendsschalnge 1945 crowd. In the winter of 1946, graves are blasted at the Ohlsdorfer cemetery.
1965: second hand moves in watch. Babies. Modern young women in the profession of 1945: rubble women. Women in delousing.
1965: Woman with cosmetic pylons, Manicurte nails, big. Schlnakheits salon.
1945: fashion show - 1965: fashion photographer with models.
1945: Girls looking for 1965: ballet dancing. Berlin illuminated At night.
1945: People before meat Bank and running and buying.
1965: Butcher today: "That's me too fat". Lean hogs running on treadmill.
1945: Distributing bread. Interpret push. Man cuts off piece of dead horse. Wife licks fingers of oil barrel.
1965: large kitchen. Food output. Is a cigarette in the ashtray.
1945: tilting collector. Planting of tobacco in flower boxes.
(550 m) 2 stroke of full laden with delicacies, bottles, fruit jams, chocolate. Old bread on a treadmill. Müven fly up.
1945 – Tattered boots, big feet. Skinny men with medical examination.
1965: ewichtheber, pole vaulter, long jumper, float, Turner, ski jumper, Bobsledding. Winter holiday dance at the beach full of beach chairs.
1945: Crowds at the station. People get in the window of the train. People stand on the running boards of a moving train.
1965: Errant TEE train. Passengers in compartment. Secretary in train. Car dining. Taxi.
1945: Cyclists pull carts, wherein people sitting. Black market. Police raid.
1965: People on treadmill at Hannover Messe. Sales pitches. Write slots. Computer. Stock Exchange.
1945 – Forced laborers return to their homes.
1965: Migrant workers in Germany. Italian train. Getting off the train. Native dances. Turkish guest workers in the Bundesbahn.
1945: Children go by debris. Boys in chain is throwing stones at the school.
1965: Children describe the "Sunday of father" Television Studio. Sound engineer. Cinematographer. Kulenkampff as the quiz master in his broadcast of EEC.
1945: Quiz on radio Munich.
1965: Students in classrooms Africans. Chemist in a laboratory.
1945: The creation of the free University, Berlin.
1963 – John F. Kennedy speaks at the Freie Universität Berlin 1965: modern painters and artists in their work.
1945: Actor in her dressing room at the make-up before a small mirror. Man pulls curtain with the hand. Performance in the open air theatre, 1965: opening of the National Theatre in Munich. Abraxas Ballet in Hamburg. Joseph Offenbach in the performance "Tobias and Sarah" actuality "Lord make me seeing" then. Bombs flap opens big. Bombs are falling. Impacts.
Hand with bow and strings.
Aerial photos of Hamburg, Cologne, Bonn, Munich, zone boundary, Berlin.
(397 m)



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20 Jahre danach

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