Strassen 1961


01 Act changes traffic lights. Any pedestrians on crosswalks.

Title set of traffic lights. Fußgäner. Detailed feet on crosswalks. Traffic light image filling. Auto line-standing.
Debris from 1945 Türmmer of the train station of Cologne. Cleaning-up operations. Rubble women. Building. The train bridge.
Border barrier zone border. Watchtower. Moving cars. Spinning wheel. The Ministry of transport. The Federal Eagle in the Chamber, great. Parliamentary session to vote. Statistics of motor vehicle licences. VW production. Parking lot full of VW's. Loading at the port. Oil refinery. Traffic sign Karlsruhe refinery. Gas pump gas station when filling, great. Modern residential complex "Olympic settlement" between Munich and Garmisch. Main-Taunus sales center. Showcase.
Statistics: Expenditure on road construction. Road design on the drawing board electronic aerial evaluation.
Road construction. Excavators move Earth and Earth loads on trucks. Pile driver. Bridge. Inauguration of the traffic bridge. Mass is modern Street cross at Saarbrücken bridge. Hochstrasse Cologne and Düsseldorf. Train. Various bridges. Recording of driving on Highway. Overtaking bus. Motorway traffic Frankfurt-Nuremberg, small town next to the highway. Barley field. Drive under bridges throughout.
Road map with new road construction. Federal Highway network. Flying helicopter. Flyover at Andernach. Cars wait outside closed barrier. The Picasso bridge. Severinbrücke near Cologne girl sunning themselves on the banks of the Rhine. Rhine waves. Rhine bridge at Speyer. The Cathedral of Speyer, indoor shots. The bridge over the Grumbachtal.
02. Act of Highway Transport (453 m). Werra bridge. Timber-frame houses are reflected in the water. Swan swims, great. Narrow streets in Hannoversch münden. Transport in the narrow streets. Rail passes bridge, car among them.
Traffic Headquarters in Berlin. Heavy city traffic. Traffic crossing from the top with zebra stripes. The airlift monument. The bran lundenburger dead. Expressways. Driving record in Hanover. East-West Road in Hamburg. Elevated in Düsseldorf. Shopping street for pedestrians in Köln. Ruhrschnellweg in Essen. Roundabout near Aachen. Motorway junction at Saarbrücken. Access road from Highway in Munich-Freimann.
Network of European roads. Windmill turns. Customs offices. The Frankfurter Kreuz. Aircraft crosses highway. Low flying aircraft from below. Cars driving on mountain road. Motorway chapel. Heavy traffic on the motorway. Campsite. Beach full of beach chairs. Bikini girl, great. Boy is playing in the sand. Congestion on the highway. Helicopter flies. Horse-drawn carriage runs over bridge over highway. Construction site. Guard rails, level tracks, slow lane. Motorway Cologne Leberkusen, 6-lanes. Traffic at night. Illuminated signs. Headlights, large.
Snow Research Centre in Bavaria. Snow detection snow admits trying out of roadways in the research centre. Young woman on the phone on Highway phone. Cars are the highway maintenance depot. Many traffic signs next to each other. Schwarzwaldhochstraße drive. German Alpine road. Bridge over the Silvenstein reservoir. Paddlers on the Lake. Couple sitting on the shore. Steel bridge across the Norderelbe. Road tunnel at Rendsburg. Drive through tunnel. Fresh air generators. Ships in the North Baltic Sea Canal runs through tunnel entrance. Bascule bridge near Lübeck. Ship's prow, great driving. Bascule bridge descends. Fehmarn sound bridge. Train over the bridge. Waves. Anglers fishing from bridge.
(400 m)



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Auf neuen Wegen (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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