Deutschland grüßt Kennedy 1963


1st their musical instruments clean Act of U.S. soldiers. Red color is distributed coloring of Star-Spangled Banner. Workers at coining Adenauer-Kennedy. Bunch of deutschenund American flags. TRANS saving is folded welcome President Kennedy. Rotary machine is running. Hand writes on Schreibautomat. Tape, Fernsprecherin with headphones. Men on the phone. Picture of Kennedy-Lübke.
Airport Cologne-Bonn, fahnengeschmückt. The rotating radar screen, great. Policemen. Airfield cleaning car. Red carpet is rolled out. Nurses. Cameramen. von hassel. Scheel in conversation with Schröder. Adenauer in addition to von hassel. US aircraft Boeing 707 rolls out. A Winker title Germany greets Kennedy plane page m. President coat of arms of Bundeswehr shooting salute. Kennedy goes down stairs. Kennedy welcomes Adenauer, libeth Wehrhahn, Schröder. In addition to Adenauer, Kennedy goes on red carpet. Bundeswehr band playing the U.S. national anthem and Germany song. Kennedy, great. 15s presents. Officer reports. Kennedy continues with Adenauer, by hate and Fairbank from front of the stand. Kennedy welcomes Erhard and the Cabinet. Girl with flowers. Adenauer speaking actuality to the greeting. Kennedy speaks interview Kennedy (your security is our security - Adenauer standard-bearer for freedom) and Weber in an open carriage ride for interpreters Adenauer. Policeman with handset, large.

Cologne: Rhine barge. Rhine and the Cathedral. Cathedral square with flags. Barriers are driven. Escort runs. Flags at the Rhine bridge. People on the roadside, on balconies and at Windows waving U.S. flag. Hands reach out to Kenney. Kennedy goes to the speaker's podium, accompany Mayor Burauen. Kennedy is waiting for speaker's podium before the speech. Cheering people. Kennedy speaks interview. Adenauer speaking interview Kennedy get in car. People waving on the side of the road. Kennedy and Adenauer are in cars. Bodyguard go next to car. Chain of policeman in front of people. Hold front of Cathedral. Kennedy is in DOM, totally. Pan across Cologne Cathedral. Settings of Figuten window rosette. Kennedy leaves the Cathedral. Mass cheers.

Bonn: Long shot. The banks of the Rhine. Panoramic view to the Petersberg. Rhine steamer. Flags on houses. Weekly market on the marketplace. Post card seller. People with flags. Police Chapel. Cameramen. Driving record on road to Bonn. Drive through Koblenz gate. Mercedes and escort. Crowd in front of City Hall. Kennedy and Adenauer in car. Beckoning people filling picture. Kennedy speaks from the balcony of the Town Hall (freedom from Berlin to Saigon) actuality Kennedy enlists in the Golden book. Presentation of CD cassette with Beethoven Symphony. Mayor Daniels with chain. Cheering people. Kennedy and Adenauer in dare.
(560 m) 2nd Act Bonn: flags on houses. Fire brigade band plays. Kennedy drive in front of the residence of the US Ambassador and says goodbye to Adenauer. Palais Schaumburg: Mr. food in the evening: Kennedy and Adenauer welcome Erhard Mende, bandi, Hallstein, Dibelius. Hallstein talks to Gerstenmaier. Luster, great. Miner lamp. Rhine in the evening.

Palais Schaumburg: work meeting: right of way from Mercedes. Adenauer's getting out. Photo reporter. Kennedy reverses. Bundeswehr presents. Kennedy raises from US car and in Palais Schaumburg.
Kennedy when driving through Bonn. People wave. Driving through the Park of the Villa Hammerschmidt. Grandstand for cameramen. Kennedy enters the Villa Hammerschmidt Lübek and Wilhelmine Lübke greet Kennedy and sister Eurice Shriver. Kennedy and Lahiri, half-close 2 girls welcome Kennedy. Jürgens and strong on camera. Kennedy shaking hands with volunteers of the peace corps Auswaärtiges Office: Press Conference: drive in front of the Foreign Ministry. Escort and bodyguard. Kennedy answered at press conference questions actuality (relations United States Germany - reunification) Kennedy climb car. Children presented flowers. Kennedy in addition to interpreting Weber in car.

Hanau: U.S. weapons: tanks, guns, rocket guns and vehicles. American families and soldiers gather. Helicopter lands. Salut shooting. Kennedy, Erhard, and Schröder get out of helicopters. Kennedy departs front the U.S. force in cars. Kennedy enters the speaker's podium and speaks interview Frankfurt (U.S. soldiers protect peace and freedom): cityscape and main. US flags. Crowds of people. Barrier. Kennedy reverses with Erhard and Prime Minister Tin before the Romans. Kennedy speaks before the Romans (quote Lincoln: I see a storm coming) Princess Radziwill, great crowd. Hands reach out to him. Security officers to Kennedy in the throng. Hands shaking, laughing, Erhard.

St. Paul's Church: Kennedy enters accompanied by St. Paul's Church. Gerstenmaier, Kiesinger, Erhard, Schröder. On the ednerpult speaks interview Kennedy (out of the stagnation of Goethe: is the wisdom last conclusion: only the earned freedom as the life that they must conquer every day.) Clapping, St. Paul's Church.
(519 m) 03 nude of Thunderbirds at aerobatics. The presidential plane Boeing 707 at the airfield in Wiesbaden. Kennedy on the airfield prior to departure waving at Kennedy before aircraft. Start of the Boeing 707.

Berlin: American and Berlin flag blow. Aircraft stairs Berlin Tegel. Adenauer on the airfield. Boeing 707 rolls out. Kennedy go down stairs welcome by Adenauer and Brandt. Kennedy speaks interview on airfield.
Berlin's cityscape. Memorial Church, Kurfürstendamm, high-rise building. Quantity on the road. Wagon train and escort. Waving off road and from Windows. Brandt, Adenauer are Kennedy in car. People on the roadside on ladders. Ride on the Kurfürstendamm. Walled houses window of the Bernauer Straße, driving record. Woman's dog Ascheimern on the wall above. Wall and barbed wire. The Brandenburg Gate and the road of 17 June. Brandenburg Gate opium with flags. Kennedy enters stand at the Brandenburg Gate with the British commanders, Adenauer and Brandt. Shield shuts with inscription, front of Brandenburg Gate. Lameramanner from the East. A trip to the Chekpoint Charliem border crossing Friedrichstrasse. Kennedy looks at the border crossing to the East. East soldiers. Adenauer over there waving at.
At the airlift Memorial, passing City Hall to the Schöneberg. People mass image filling before Schöneberger of Rathazs. Adenauer speaking actuality (a loud referendum) Kennedy speaks interview (I am a Berliner) Brandt speaks interview. Kennedy enlists in the Golden Book of the city. The Liberty Bell Rings, wholesale. Cheering people, screen-filling.

Airport Tegel: American and Berlin flags. Kennedy gets out of car. Salut shooting. Kennedy, Adenauer and Brandt. Adenauer speaking words of farewell at the airfield. Original sound. Kennedy speaks interview Kennedy shaking hands with the policemen his escort to the farewell. Adenauer adopted by Dean Rusk. Kennedy waving outside the plane Boeing 707 starts. Aerial photographs of Berlin: Brandenburg Gate, victory column, Memorial Church, wall, watchtower.
Speech Kennedy prior to the Schöneberg Town Hall.
Twothousand years ago the proudest boast what: quivis romani sum today, I will in the world of freedom, the proudest is: ein Berliner!
There are some who say that communism is the way of the future, let them com to Berlin!
And there are some who say, in Europe and elsewhere, we can work with the communists. Let them come to Berlin!
And there are even a few who say, that it's true that communism is evil system, but it permits US to make economic progress. Let them come to Berlin! -Let them come to Berlin!
Freedom is indivisible, and when one man is enslaved, all are not free, when all are free then we look forward to that day when this city will be joined as one and this country and this great continent of Europe in a peaceful and hopeful globe.
When that day finally comes, as it will, the people of West Berlin lines for almost of two decades can take sober satisfaction in the fact that they were in the front.
All free to you, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin. and therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words: I am a Berliner!
(522 m)


Cologne-Bonn airport ; Cologne ; Bonn ; Palais Schaumburg ; Villa Hammerschmidt ; German Federal Foreign Office ; Hanau ; Frankfurt ; Frankfurt Römer ; Paul Church ; Airfield in Wiesbaden ; Berlin ; Airport Tegel



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Deutschland grüßt Kennedy

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