Der Staatsbesuch in Indien 1962


New Delhi: triumphal arch. Cannon in front of Palace. Palstwache.
Nehru is approached rolled on the aerodrome aircraft stairs. Photographers. Radna Krishnan and Nehru welcome Lübke and Wilhelmine Lübke. Members of the Cabinet and special guests will be greeted by Lahiri. Play the German and Indian national anthem. Lübke progresses from front of the stand. Lübke and Radna Krishnan - Wilhelmine Lübke and Nehru in car at departure.
Mosque. Bazar. Snake charmers. Traffic on the road. Victory storm. Gandhi's incineration facility. Lübke resigns wreath at the Memorial of Gandhi. Flower Memorial. Picture of Gandhi on the front side of the Indian Parliament. Lahiri Lahiri speaks before the Parliament (no sound) and Wilhelmine Lübke visit village flower garlands are hung around them. Gap and Wilhelmine look at the fruit of the land. Indian children, great. Wilhelmine Lübke attended kindergarten distributed gifts to children flower chain is hung around her. Residential area in New Delhi. The German Embassy. Reception at the German Embassy: Ambassador Duckwitz welcomes the guests. Trommöer. Arrival of Lübke. Radna Krishnan welcomes Lübke. Nehru, halbnar. Lahiri speaks with Nehru. Mrs Lübke in addition to Radnan Krishnan. Schröder, half-close.

Tomb Mahal is from Lübke and wife visited.

Calcutta: cityscape. People on the street. Cow in traffic. Deathplace of rabindranat Tagore. Indian girls, great. Lübke and interpreter Weber in car. People clap. Laundry hangs on balconies.

Temple of Madras: gap and Wilhelmine Lübke visit the temple. PEL, artistic sculptures.

Polytechnic Institute: Lahiri speaks to students of technical college (no sound) using Lahiri Memorial. Expansion of the school buildings. Finished buildings.

Bombay: Lubke visited nuclear reactor. Reactor, large.

Rourkela steel plant: Gap visited the steel plant built with German assistance. Model of the work. Lübke and Wilhelmine Lübke go through work. Steel River. Smoke smoking out of stack. Bombay Flying Club: Mrs Lakmit Pandit adopted Lübke and Wilhelmine Lübke. Lübke and Wilhelmine Lübke wave of aircraft stairs with flower necklaces. Mrs. Pandit, great. Aircraft door is closed. Boeing rolls 720 Lufthansa. Starting from aircraft filmed. Nozzle in the evening light. Setting sun.


New Delhi ; Tomb Mahal ; Calcutta ; Temple of Madras ; Bombay ; Rourkela steel plant ; Bombay flying club



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Der Staatsbesuch in Indien

Lübke in Indien (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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