Der Staatsbesuch in Pakistan 1962


Cars in front of airport Cologne, Bonn. Waving German flag of the Federal President. Boeing 720 Bremen on airfield. Recordings on the side and rear. Cars of the President travels on airfield. Crew of the aircraft before the plane. Lahiri speaks with Erhard hal, half-close. Lübke adopted by members of the Pakistani Embassy. Mrs Lübke receives flowers. Lahiri says goodbye to Seebohm and Kiesinger. Lübke goes up stairs and waves. Boeing 720 starts from scratch. Wheels are retracted. Pilot in pulpit, Lübke in addition to Wilhelmine Lübke considered maps, great. Nozzle size. Aircraft wings, large, aerial view from aircraft. Filmed landing of aircraft. Red carpet will be rolled out at Karachi airport. Lübke rises out of plane and is greeted by Ayub Khan. 15s. Lübke and Wilhelmine Lübke greet Empfangskommité Lübke in addition to Ayub Khan while listening to the national anthems. Military band playing German and Pakistani national anthem. Troop presents. lübke and Ayub Khan pace front of the stand. Lübke and wife get attached to chains. Greeting the guests of honour. Lübke in addition to Ayub Khan in car. Drive through Karachi, hereinafter referred. Lübke and Ayub Khan climb the State body. Mounted guard. Lübke waving woman Lübke standing, sitting.

Reception at the Presidential Palace: Lübke, Wilhelmine Lübke and Ayub Khan immediately upon arrival. half close. Lübke, Mrs Lübke and Ayub Khan to greet the guests. Screening of war dance in the open air.

Refugee colony Kurandi: Children, great. Lübke, visited the settlement. Children with flowers. Lübke get out of car. Kids make music. Gymnatikvorführung of girl with dumbbells. Lahiri's autograph on back of girls.

Airfield: Ayub Khan adopted Lübke airfield cityscape Karachi. Tram runs. Camel pulls car. Traffic COP gelt reg traffic. Bazar. The private plane of Ayub Khan rolls to start.

Multan: Lubke visited built gas plant with German assistance. Wasserkasftwerk. Lahore: Mosque. Lübke slippers gets pulled over and visited a mosque. View from the minaret on Lahore. Rickshaws in the streets. Cannon by Samsamar. Children opportunities on cannon. The University Lübke receives an honorary doctorate. Lahiri speaks (no sound). Lübke in red cloak.

Shalimar gardens: Lübke and Wilhelmine Lübke go accompanied by the Shalimar gardens with Lake and gardens. Map of West Pakistan and East Pakistan.
The snow peaks of the Himalayas from aircraft filmed. Flight to East Pakistan.

Dakar: Fahrradrikschahs. Cattle on the road. Bazar. Band playing. Lübke and Wilhelmine Lübke greet children at arrival.

Jute factory: Lubke visited jute factory. Lübke and wife Lübke go through work. Day care center for children of workers. Lübke enters steamer. Boat trip to fishermen's cottages and boats passing by. Wilhelmine Lübke speaks with Pakistanierin, great. Jute is transported on the river. River in the evening light with fishing boats in the foreground.


Pakistan ; Airport Cologne / Bonn ; Karachi ; Presidential Palace Karachi ; Refugee colony Kurandi ; Airfield of Karachi ; Multan ; Lahore ; Shalimar gardens ; Dakar ; Jute factory



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Der Staatsbesuch in Pakistan

Lübke in Pakistan (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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