Zwei Völker versöhnen sich 1962


01 Act total Paris. People on the street. Flags. Fountain. Traffic on the Champs Elysée. Newspaper kiosk with newspapers with headlines of the visit of the German Chancellor. People giving interviews about esuch actuality.

Title: A report on the visit of the German Chancellor in France German and French flags image filling reconcile two peoples. Military band plays. De Gaulle get out of car. Lufthasamaschine rolls out. De Gaulle goes on red-carpet to the plane. Adenauer going down stairs. Welcoming de Gaulle-Adenauer. Lotte Adenauer going down stairs. Schröder is welcomed. De Gaulle and Adenauer going on red carpet. The German and French national anthem playing. Le de Gaull and Adenauer step out front of the stand.
De Gaulle holds welcome speech production sound (friendship for common security. Basis for a common Europe). Adenauer speaking actuality (European integration) handshake Adenauer-de Gaulle.)
Crowd at the roadside. Car with escort. People clap. De Gaulle and Adenauer in the car. The Republican Guard on horseback accompanied the car. Entrance to the Elysee Park opens. Troop presents. Car driving before. Adenauer gets out and is greeted by de Gaulle. Cameramen. De Gaulle and Adenauer on terrace, honor guard presented sword.

Reception at the Elysee Palace: chandelier. Adenauer in addition to de Gaulle in welcoming the guests. Mme de Gaulle, half-close. Luppa with camera, half-close. Gala dinner.

Ride on the Seine: Adenauer beside Schröder in boat. The French National Assembly building. Passing on Notre Dame. Ship docks. Adenauer gets out and going in car, ride with escort.

Visit to the Mayor: drive in front of City Hall. Adenauer is on red-carpet reception at the Mayor. Guard presents.

Arc de Triomphe: settings of the Arc de Triomphe. Flag is raised. Adenauer resigns at the tomb of the unknown soldier wreath. The eternal flame, big. Entry in the Golden book. Visit war graves of German soldiers cemetery on Solatenfriedhofß. Adenauer at the cemetery. French soldiers as a guard of honor.
(475,1 m) 02 Act Adenauer reception is at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Guard presented on stairs. De Gaulle goes next to Adenauer. Adenauer and de Gaulle to welcome the guests. Long table at banquets.

Gala night at the Opera: arrival of de Gaulle and Adenauer. Band playing the "triumphal March from AIDA. Parisian traffic at night.

Rouen: cityscapes, Adenauer leaves waving in an open car. Recorded inside and outside the Cathedral. Adenauer in the Cathedral. The portal, great. People clap. The old town. The clock tower, ornate houses. People in traditional costumes.

Chateaa de la Braille: The Wasserschaloß Chateau de la Braille. Cameramen. Tour of the Palace. Study of Montesquieu. Precious porcelain. Library. Adenauer enlists in the guestbook.

Chateau Marceau: Representatives of the wine Guild in historical costumes. Right of way by car. Adenauer is welcomed. Men on stilts. Traditional hoods. Wine cellar. Wine tasting.

Military parade in Mourmelon: barbed wire. War graves in the Champagne region parade of German and French troops on the battlefields of Verdun, total. Adenauer and de Gaulle go to the official gallery. French troops took. Tank.

Reims: The Cathedral. De Gaulle and Adenauer get out of car. Waving realistic people. The Archbishop awaits the statesmen. De Gaulle and Adenauer going to the Cathedral. The Angel of Reims. Cathedral inside. De Gaulle and Adenauer, total, in the Cathedral for worship.
(421,2 m)


Paris ; Elysee Palace ; Its ; City Hall Paris ; Arc de Triomphe ; Paris cemetery ; Rouen ; Château de la Braille ; Chateau Marceau ; Mourmelon ; Reims



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Zwei Völker versöhnen sich

Reise Bundeskanzler Adenauer nach Frankreich (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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