Im Kampf gegen die Flut 1962


1st Act Schleper drive on the Elbe in a storm. Large waves. Pilot boat in waves. Flooded roads to the port. Full past Keller. Cars drive through water. Agitated Elbe. Dikes are flooded. Eibbrücken under water. Water masses pour out of the country. Drive salvage, firefighters and Red Cross vehicles of the Bundeswehr. Houses in Waltershof and Wilhelmsburg under water. Flooded roads. Cars in the water. Flooded garden settlement Waltershof. Collapsed bridge. Soldiers in dinghies mountains people. People are worn on the back on land. Old woman is rescued. Children. People get out of Windows in boats. Cracked wall of houses. Man gets out of window. Removal of household goods and clothing. CAT and dog are rescued. Car headlong to. Soldiers tear roofs of houses to search for missing persons. From trucks, stones will be distributed to support dike. Helicopter bergen included Menaschen of the flood. People return after running out of water. Man speaks in actuality. Old furniture on carts. Man speaks actuality in destroyed settlement. Soldiers rowing boat and bring supplies. British pioneers in the usage. Frost in the flooded areas. Bundeswehr in clean-up work. Levees are repaired. Man talks about the help of the Bundeswehr actuality. Aerial view of the flooding area, women talk interview. Flag is at half-mast. Soldiers at the dike construction. Helicopter airfield. Food drink after use. Messages are passed in Hubschaauber area. Flight over flood area with helicopters. TRUCK drives through water, food output. Emergency-landed helicopters. Bags are loaded into transport aircraft. Propeller turns. Transport aircraft rolls to start. Mr Wiechmann interviewed people on the assistance of the Bundeswehr, great. OäTon. Red Cross medics is interviewed. Instructor talks about using actuality of recruits. Excavator sliding mud.
(499,3 m) 2nd Act debris after the disaster. Man speaks interview at clean-up. Scattered furniture, coffee grinder, stroller. Lübke in the disaster area accompanied by Mayor Engelhard, half-close. Storm. Lübke hold his hat. Dead cattle is located on meadow. TRUCK drives through water. Seuchenmittel is loaded into storm boat. Pigs and cows are dead on pasture. Soldiers spread disinfectant over the dead animals. Dead cow is dragged continued behind the truck. Pioneers passing traffic through Pontinfähre over the river Elbe.
Traffic silence in Hamburg at a memorial service for the victims of the disaster. Cars and trams are the rest of the traffic. Celebration on the City Hall square. Flags flown at half-mast. Large wreath. Lahiri speaks actuality Hale, Nevermann, Engelhard from the Town Hall, next to him, half-close. Bundeswehr troops. Girls of the DLRG. Half mast flags. People stand up. Men take hats off to commemorate the dead.
(234.2 m)



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Im Kampf gegen die Flut

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Federal Republic of Germany

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