Uruguay 1963


Hand plays on guitar, big. Great guitar players. 6 oxen pull imposed caravan on 2 wheels with animal skins. Men sitting on bench and play music and sing "Carreta song. Wheel of the Carreta, rotating, filling the screen.

The Careta goes No more monument for the ox Carreta in Monteviedeo. Tropical flowers, great. Gauchos drive a herd of cattle. Ostriches flee over field. Cattle are driven into wooden crates and getting branded characters.
Industrial plant. Dam. Cars driving on curving bridge. Loading of goods in the port.
Cityscape Montevideo, totally. Road transport. Buses, cars and passers-by. Shield Escuela is situated on road. School children cross the street. The Government buildings and Parliament. School children in front of the Parliament building tour. Children's faces, great.
Statue of José Artigas. Wreath-laying ceremony at the monument. Trumpet blows. Gauchos saddle up horses. Regiment in period uniforms parades. Schoolchildren walking down stairs. Townscape with tall buildings. Ferris wheel and roller coaster. Football stadium, panoramic view from the top, totally, Transfokator. Game. Viewers filling picture. Wild gesticulating viewers. Shot on goal. Spectators on race course. Jockeys. Horse racing in the arc. Viewers. In addition to the racetrack. Children ride in horse carousel.
Carnival. Black women dancing in backyard Cadombe. Drummers. Face of Negerjungen behind bars.
Beach full of people. Children play in the water. Sea lions on the rocks. Water skier. Blonde bathing beauty.
Gauchos with Flock of sheep. Sheep is caught using Lasso. Auctioning of sheep. Wild horses in the pasture. Gauchos hunt horses.
Riding Gaucho in the background setting sun. Kagerfeuer. Gauchos sitting around the campfire, drinking mate, and play music. Gaucho dances. Boots, great. Feet of zenzendem couple in bar. Chapel. Chicken turn in Grill. Bottles. Initiation of large glasses. Neon signs on the road and lit storefronts.



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Die Carreta fährt nicht mehr (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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