Berlin, 13. August 1961 1961


Khrushchev is actuality (separate peace with Pankow), loudspeakers broadcast speech.
Additional feet of refugees. Notaufnahmelager Marienfelde. Food output. Barbed wire. People read extra leaves. Armored fighting vehicle of the East Army departs to border. Stilliegender station. Closed signal. Lifting by räben and erection of pillars at the zone boundary. Pull wire mess. Guard post. War Memorial in West Berlin of the Russian army. Helicopter. Post chain at the Brandenburg Gate. West Berlin at the border. Chants. Zone army water cannons. Police push back lot. The Quadriga atop the Brandenburg Gate. The Brandenburg Gate will be sealed. The Russian War Memorial in West Berlin receives wire mess. English soloists Guard Memorial from access. Brandt speaks before the Schöneberg Town Hall. Aircraft rolls out from the front. Johnson is greeted jubilantly by population. People waving from Windows, and on the side of the road. Johnson speaks interview prior to the Schöneberg Town Hall. Clay comes to Johnson to lectern. Mass image filling.
Border sign: West Berlin exit now. The building of the wall. Family escapes from window at Bernauer Straße. Furniture thrown out of Tenster. Sentry. Bricked houses at Bernauer Straße. Allied soldiers on the border. Beer bottle's wall. Mount St. Hedwig cemetery grid and walls to the cemetery. Faces at Windows and over the wall. Heads of the Vopos behind the wall. Waving over the border. Bride and groom waving from Windows in East Berlin M utter to. Weeping mother. Weeping woman speaks up on Vopos. The [...] esicht on the border.
Johnson speaks. The American flag is raised in Helmstedt. US troops pass the control point for the trip to Berlin. Border gate opens. Johnson and Brandt drive in an open car through jubelsnde population. Johnson receives the vanguard of U.S. troops at the checkpoint dreilinden. Soldiers are welcomed jubeldn. U.S. troops on the Kurfürstendamm.



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Berlin, 13. August 1961

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