Der Staatsbesuch in Paris 1961


Bonn: Adenauer, Erhard, Brentano on the airfield. Lahiri says goodbye to Adenauer. Wilhelmine Lübke, half-close. Lübke and Adenauer in conversation. Lufthansa aircraft. Lahiri speaks with the flight captain. Stewardess Wilhelmine Lübke presented flowers. Yellow roses. Waving. Lübke waves of aircraft stairs. Rotating propeller. Wilhelmine Lübke in aircraft, large, in addition to their Lübke.

Title of the State visit to Paris Paris balloon, are de Triomphe, Seine bridge, Aéroport Paris.

Paris: Waving German and French flags. Lübke and Wilhelmine Lübke go down stairs. de Gaulle welcomes Lübke. Lübke goes next to de Gaulle on red carpet. Games of the German and French national anthems. German and French flags.
Soldiers of the honor guard before the salon d'honneur. Wilhelmine Lübke sits next to Mme de Gaulle with a large bouquet of red roses. de Gaulle holds actuality (Franco German Fraundschaft) welcome speech. Lahiri reads welcome address of the journal from actuality. Lübke drive next to de Gaulle in an open car. The National Guard on horseback accompany the car. Drive in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs guest suite. Lübke and de Gaulle go up stairs. Soldier on horseback as a guard at the gate.
German and French flags on the square. Traffic. Policeman regulates traffic. People sit in front of coffee outdoors. Pedestrian, Negro child goes to the hand. Newspaper readers. Couple is on the road.
The Elysee Palace. Guard greets. Lübke is welcomed by de Gaulle. German stand on cars, great. Lübke, de Gaulle and 2 men on the fireplace. Door is closed. Cameramen in front of the Palace. Wilhelmine Lübke, Madame de Gaulle, Lübke and de Gaulle emerge from Palace. Ambassador Blankenhorn by Brentano and Couve de Murville going half close to coffee table in the open air.
Traffic At night. Fountain, big chandelier. Reception at the Elysee Palace. Madame de Gaulle, de Gaulle, Lübke and Wilhelmine Lübke gegrüßen guests. Feast of Sèvres porcelain. Ms. de Gaulle, Lübke, de Gaulle and Wilhelmine Lübke sit.
Avenue des Champs Elysees and Arc de Triomphe. Guard presents. Lübke lays down the wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. Wreath loop, great. The eternal flame. Lübke enlists in the book at the tomb and takes a pen out of his pocket.
Town Hall. Lübke welcomes members of the City Council. The City Council President welcomes Lübke. Among the listeners of André François Poncet, great. Lahiri speaks. Exit the car. Band marched off.
Lübke's reception at the State Department. Lübke and Wilhelmine Lübke greet de Gaulle and wife. Lübke welcomes guests in addition to de Gaulle, by Brentano, Felix von Eckart, is half close behind them. de Gaulle, Lübke and women sit. Lübke and Mrs de Gaulle, half-close.
Lübke and de Gaulle before the Elysee Palace. Play the Marsellaise. Handshake Lübke de Gaulle. Photo reporter. Car driving over the Seine bridge. Eiffel Tower part setting. German and French flags. Notre Dame, are de Triomphe. City image from above.


Bonn ; Paris



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Der Staatsbesuch in Paris

Lübke in Paris (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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