Welcome Dr. Adenauer 1961


01 roll Adenauer before Boeing 707 of Lufthansa. Adenauer speaks interview before aircraft and baptizes the Boeing on the name of Bonn. Baptism certificate.
Flying Boeing. Adenauer on the plane next to Libeth Wehrhahn, half-close. Adenauer, great. Secretary writes on a typewriter. Adenauer rises from German aircraft and American flag. Dean Rusk interview welcomes Adenauer. Interpreter Weber stands next to Adenauer. Cameramen. Adenauer speaking actuality, half-close. The White House. Car driving before. Car blow opens. Adenauer's getting out. Photographer. by Brentano's in the White House. Adenauer is standing next to Kennedy. Kennedy, great. Adenauer, great. Handshake Adenauer-Kennedy. Adenauer and of Brentano are welcomed at the State Department by Dean Rusk.
The Capitol, great. Adenauer's arrival. Cameramen. Adenauer and Kennedy, half-close. by Brentano, half close, Felox by Eckart, half-close. Kennedy speaks interview. Adenauer speaking actuality. Motorcade goes.
(250 m) 02. Role of Adenauer of press conference in the press office and speaks actuality, close to half. Adenauer shaking hands with Jpurnalisten.
The George Washington University. Jaqueline Kennedy and Libeth Wehrhan rise in evening gowns out of car. On reception. Johnson, Robert Kennedy, by Brentano, Weber, Dulles.
The National Gallery. Adenauer is welcomed and guided tour through the Gallery is the national broadcasting company. Adenauer at the table in the studies of recording of Ternsehinterview.
Lufthansa Boeing airfield. Adenauer adopted by Dean Rusk and boards plane with Johnson. Aircraft wing filmed from plane. On the plane in the conversation of Adenauer, Johnson, by Brentano, Weber. Aircraft stairs is driven. Stand präsenteirt. Flight in a helicopter on the Johnson farm in Texas. Adenauer, Libeth Wehrhahn, Johnson and Ladybird Johnson. Eating outdoors. Johnson gives Adenauer Texas hat. Adenauer, with Texas hat, waving at people. Adenauer and Libeth Wehrhahn continue waving in an open car.
(284 m) 03. Roll letters welcome Adenauer to grandstand. Adenauer and Johnson are welcomed. Viewers with Texas hats. Johnson talks o. People clap. Adenauer speaking actuality.
The Capitol. Transparent across the street welcome Dr. Adenauer. Adenauer and Johnson pass road waving people. Adenauer decreases Parade next to Johnson. Troops marching girls, Texas rider. Adenauer and Brentano with Texas hats.
Johnson speaks interview before the Congress. Adenauer speaking actuality. As spectator Ladybird Johnson, half-close. Adenauer beckons. Deputies clapping. Soldiers present at the airfield. Playing of the national anthems. Johnson, Adenauer, Brentano, half-close. Adenauer beckons on the aircraft stairs. Johnson waving goodbye. Flying Boeing 707 (253 m)



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Welcome Dr. Adenauer

Adenauer bei Kennedy (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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