Der 85. Geburtstag des Bundeskanzlers 1961


1st Act of Adenauer's home in Rhöndorf. Birthday table. Woman lighting candle. Adenauer and Monsignore Paul Adenauer entered the room. He congratulated Paul Adenauer Adenau. Common breakfast. Clock shows 7: 30 Paul Adenauer celebriert morning mass in the Elisabethkrankenhaus. Sisters and students of the choir of the Beethoven grammar school; at fair. After mass, Adenauer waving at people on the street.
Palais Schaumburg. Adenauer's car accompanied by reverses. Music Corps of the BGS and the armed forces play the Prussian Präsentiermarsch. Adenauer is out front of the force and officer shaking hands. He enters the Palais Schaumburg. Congratulates the Adenauer family. Watch shows 9.45: young with bouquet of lily of the Valley. Libeth Wehrhahn, half-close. Boy recites the poem. Lotte Adenauer and Swedish daughter-in-law, Libeth Wehrhahn. Watch shows 10.05: orphans come and give homemade gifts. 10.15: The members of the Federal Chancellery with State Secretary Dr. Congratulate Globke and the representatives of the staff Council Dr. Vochel. Adenauer receives illustrated by the Kremlin as a gift. Mercedes reverses. Car blow opens. Lübke gets out. Watch shows 10.21: Lübke enters room and congratulated Adenauer. Bishop Dibelius and prelate art get out of car. You congratulate as representative of the Evangelical Church. Bundeswehr guard presents. Dibelius presented book "by the saints of Cologne" Mercedes reverses. Gerstenmaier and Carlo Schmid alight. You congratulate. Gerstenmaier presented image of 2 cherubs as a gift of the Bundestag. Watch shows 10.30: congratulate Prime Minister Meyers, North Rhine-Westphalia, and old Meier, Rhineland-Palatinate as representatives of the Federal Council. Mercedes reverses. By Brentano and get off. Erhard rises from Mercedes. Congratulations Erhard Schröder by Brentano, Lemmer. Adenauer in the circle of Ministers in addition to putting. Libeth Wehrhahn, half close Willi Richter congratulates as representative of the DGB. Representatives of the Japanese Parliament present subjects. von hassel, Schleswig-Holstein, Berlin, congratulate Brandt. Congratulates Deputy Nuncio, Ambassador Frents, Denmark. Representatives of the police Union congratulates. Drive car of the diplomatic corps. Car blow opens. Arrival of the Russian Ambassador Sorin. Bundeswehr items present. Watch shows 12.20: it congratulate the ambassadors of Great Britain, Philippines, Thailand, Ghana, Ceylon, Portugal, Lebanon, Chile, Paraguay, Luxembourg, United States, Korea, Indonesia, Sudan, Liberia, Viet Nam, India, Saudi Arabia. 13:00 clock shows: order, great. The Dutch Ambassador presented the Royal order of the Dutch lion... Adenauer and family table at lunch. Members of the Zentralrat of der Juden congratulate present image of the Prophet Isaiah as a gift. The Secretaries of State to congratulate. Cameramen. Professor congratulates veneer, European Parliament. Luppa kneeling with camera. Presentation considered: folder with old engravings. European landscapes. Congratulate Professor Hallstein EEC, deer, Euratom, Dr. Hellwig, coal and Steel Community. Gift wooden Madonnenplastik. Watch shows 8.25: Felix von Eckart congratulates for Federal Press Office. He presented photo books with images from the last trip of Adenauer. Glasses are served with toast. Adenauer, laughing, great. The Bonn guard battalion "The great Zapfenstreich" plays at the end of the day. Adenauer listen to window size. Drummers. Helmet off to prayer, presented the gun, Germany song (520 m) 2nd Act: Adenauer coin, great Pater patriae. Cologne's Mayor Bürauen and Obserstadtdirektor Max Adenauer congratulate. Pour film "The twenties" as Adenauer was Mayor of Cologne. Mayor of Bonn Daniel congratulates. Mercedes reverses. Strauß gets out. Officer reports. Strauß congratulated Inspector General Hay singer, Vice Admiral Ruge and generals. Strauß presented the band with pictures of the Bundeswehr. Cameramen. Adenauer and Strauß come before the door. Staff German army music Corps plays the Starfigthermarsch. Libeth Wehrhahn, great. Strauß, laughing, in addition to Adenauer. Adenauer would like to thank leaders of the band. Adenauer before door and puts on hat. Bailey Chapel plays Adenauer with Hat, big, claps.
(170 m)



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Der 85. Geburtstag des Bundeskanzlers

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