Zu Gast in Bonn 1961


1st Act driving taking on along the banks of the Rhine. Tug on the Rhine. Bonn on the banks of the Rhine. The Petersberg. The Federal House. Ship sails under the Rhine bridge. Traffic on the Rhine bridge. Cityscape. Church. Market. Timber-frame houses. Timber-frame House Café Knusperhaus. Narrow alley "The path of the mouse". Flowers at window. Beethoven House. Friedrich-Wilhelm-Universität. Students engage in hallway. African student in the conversation. Students in the Lecture Hall. African students and Indians in the Lecture Hall. Drive through the gate of Koblenz on the Koblenz road. Government buildings, driving record. The Foreign Ministry, the Villa Hammerschmidt, the Palais Schaumburg. The Federal House. Adenauer is in the Federal House. The hemicycle with Mr. Adenauer speaks before the Bundestag O sound, close to half (tasks of the Parliament). The Government bank with Erhard and Schäffer. Deputies clapping.
Adenauer welcomes Minister at the Palais Schaumburg. Handshake with Schröder and Erhard. Diplomatic reception. Adenauer speaking to diplomats. Map of the world. Trace of Germany's embassies all over the world. In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Chief of Protocol sets log on State visits with employees.
State visit Arturo Frondizi: Arrival on station - visit to Adenauer. Reception at Schloß Brühl. Visit of the Cathedral (archive 14 K) (310 m) 2nd Act gun salutes. Eisenhower go down stairs. Eisenhower and Adenauer pace front of 15s. Eisenhower speaks interview (warning for Adenauer in the United States) at the airfield. Erhard and Schröder, half-close. Handshake Eisenhower-Adenauer. American and German flags. Eisenhower and Adenauer drive MacMillan side by side is located in an open car through exultant people trellis Adenauer before the aircraft's arrival, half-close. The French Prime Minister Debree is welcomed by Adenauer's arrival.
Adenauer welcomes the Canadian Prime Minister Diefenbaker. Adenauer turfed the Greek Prime Minister Keranays. Adenauer welcomed the Indian Prime Minister Nehru. Adenauer and Nehru walk under umbrellas. Adenauer is next to Nehru by lot. Adenauer in addition to Nehru at the Rhine. Adenauer waves of ships. Alfried Krupp, half-close. Indian women on the ship.
Arrival of the Tunku Abdul Rahman at the airport in the rain. Welcome under umbrellas. Walking the 15s Adenauer speaks interview under umbrella. (Archive-2 K) Duisburg port of the Rhine.
Train arriving. Arrival Bhumiphol and Sirikit. Welcome by Lahiri and wife. Stepping off the stand. Drive through town. Reception in the Town Hall. Welcome by Mayor of Daniels. Entry in the Golden Book of the city. Ruhr industrial landscape. Smoking chimneys. (Archive 19 K) Reception a. Petersberg Ayub Khan visited engine plant. Greeting by Pakistani interns. Blast furnace tapping. Ayubk Khan at Adenauer. African politicians visit mill, (in an interview on Rheinterassen and to visit to Adenauer (archive 17 K) Adenauer receives the President of Guinea, Sekou Touree.) Julius Nyerere, Tanganyika speaks with Erhard, half-close.
German-Russian trade agreement signed by Brentano and Mikoyan. Handshake Mikoyan-Adenauer.
(388 m)



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Zu Gast in Bonn

Ein Bericht aus dem politischen Leben der Bundeshauptstadt (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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