Eine Reise nach Mexiko 1961


1st Act airplane propeller turns, filmed from plane. by Brentano and companion on the plane.

Mexico City: Long shot. High-rise buildings. Traffic in the streets. Mexicans with Sombreros. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs. from Brentano visited the Mexican Foreign Minister Manuel Tello. Accompany the German Ambassador Hess. by Brentano presented the great cross of merit of the Secretary of State. Cassette, large order. Certificate, great.

Tasco: Old buildings. Donkey is loaded. Shoeshine boy. Fruit juice is poured into ice piece. Brentano on the market in Tasco. He visited silversmith. The Santa Prisca Church. Mexican population and children. Band plays from balcony. Wedding in Tasco. Bride and groom outside the Church.

Mexico City: Mexican flag blowing on the National Palace. by Brentano visited the President Adolfo Lopez Matäus. Lopez Matäus welcomes delegations from 43 countries on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the independence of Mexico. Amy - by Brentano handshake. By Brentano handed over the letter. Photographers, total. Amy, big. by Brentano presented as gift Elektrophonokadiograph for heart examinations by Brentano, great.
The monument to the Ninos de Heras de Chapulepec. Military cadets lined up. President Mathäus reverses in car. Amy goes to grandstand. Military band playing the national anthem. Herded cadets. Contact Amy and his companions. Children with flags. Cadet holds speech. Amy young officers presented their sword. Lopez Mathäus down at the Memorial wreath and honor guard takes over with members of the Government. Move over wreath, large. Amy get in car. Mercedes drives.
Mercedes goes in front of the German Embassy. Photographer with Flash light, great. by Brentano welcomes guests at reception.

Ruins with pyramids: by Brentano visited the Sun and pyramid of the moon. People walk down high stairs of the pyramid. by Brentano with sunglasses, wholesale. The Central Temple. Figures of the temple, dragon head.
Country with old buildings. The Temple of the morning star. The Serpent's wall. by Brentano visited Temple. The pillars of the. Temple Hall with faces and rich decorations.

Mexico City: The main square. Cathedral with the national flag. Celebration of the 150th anniversary of independence. Confetti. Lopez Mathäus moves to Mercedes. Parade of all military branches. Soldiers with steel helmets. Off-road vehicle. Guns, tanks. Mounted troop. Lopez Mathäus on balcony. North American soldiers parading. Police with helmets. Fire brigade. Mexicans on horseback in national costumes. Illuminations of buildings on the main square. Fireworks.
Plane takes off from the front. Wheels are retracted. The German delegation on the plane. by the Brentano. large. Airplane propeller, great. Large aircraft wings.


Mexico City ; Tasco ; Ruins with pyramids ; Country



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Eine Reise nach Mexiko

von Brentano in Mexiko (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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