Eine Reise nach Brasilien 1961


Airplane propeller turns, filmed from plane. Clouds. Galeao Rio de Janeiro airport. Aircraft rolls out. Photo graphs. by Brentano go down stairs. Military band playing the national anthems. by Brentano big proceeds from front of stand before aircraft, by Brentano. The German Ambassador Dr. Dittmann welcomed by Brentano. from Brentano is located Empfangskommitée. Chauffeur opens car shock.

Rio de Janeiro: The statue of Christ, great view from above the town. The Sugar Loaf cable car. Dense traffic in the streets. Pedestrians cross the street. The German Embassy building with a German flag. Shield German Embassy. The beach of Copacabana. A few people on the beach.
from Brentano rises in aircraft. Brazilian soldier presents, great. Flight to Brasília. Aerial photographs. Landing in Brasilia. by Brentano go down stairs. Military band played national anthems. by Brentano progresses from front of the stand. Brasilia: Modern buildings in the city. Modern architecture. The Cathedral. High-rise buildings. by Brentano visited the seat of the Government of the President. Visit to the Senate building and the House of representatives. Interview with construction workers. from Brentano is welcomed by the President of the Republic. Leaving the car.

São Paulo: Long shot. High-rise buildings. Inside urban canyons. Traffic ranked top. greeted at the airport by Brentano. Stepping off the front of the stand. Visit to the sero - therapist ethical Institute. Big snake kringelt himself. Small snake. Cobra. by Brentano holds little snake in the hand. Rattlesnake is found in poison. Glass full of scorpions. Woman takes Scorpions venom by electric shocks.
Germany exhibition opened by Brentano. Great pictures of by Brentano, Adenauer Lübke. Industries. Gründgens as Mephisto. Congress Hall in Berlin. Destroyed railway tracks between East and West. The Brandenburg Gate with boundary label.
Visit to the Palace of the Governor. Grand Cross of the Bundesverdienstkreuz and certificate handed over by Brentano. by Brentano in a conversation with the Governor. from Brentano rises in car. Cars with Brazilian and German stands moves.
by Brentano's press conference at the hotel. Journalists ask and To write. By Brentano with cigarette, big.
by Brentano speaks in the Chamber of Commerce meeting, total and half close. Listeners applaud.
by brentano and Ambassador Dittmann in aircraft, great trip to Rio de Janeiro. The delegation, great companion.

Rio de Janeiro: by Brentano opened modern German art exhibition. He cuts through the band. Tour of the exhibition. Abstract paintings and sculptures. Emildx Nolde: Blonde girl. Drawing by Kokoschka: image of the else home. Exhibition visitor scrolls in catalog. Franz Marc: Deer at the source. Rudolf Nesch: Peace. Plastic: Dance on the pastures. Brigitte Meyer Dennighaus: Modern plastic.
Reception at the hotel Gloria for the German colony. Guests are welcomed by Brentano. The residence of the German Ambassador. Conference of the German Ambassador in South America. by Brentano opened the Conference. Konfernzteilnehmer in the conversation in front of the House. Spaniel, big. 2 swans on the pond, great.
from Brentano, visited the Brazilian Foreign Minister. by Brentano awarded the great cross of merit.
The beach of Copacabana. Total Rio de Janeiro.


Rio de Janeiro ; Brasilia ; São Paulo



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Eine Reise nach Brasilien

von Brentano in Brasilien (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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