In 500 Minuten nach New York 1960


01 Act backward rolls plane Boeing 707 from Hall (title underground). Boeing 707 rolls on airfield. 4 Düsenaggregate. Mechanic with radio, great. Recharge your batteries. Nozzle, large, is tested before launch. Ears are to men. Fuel indicator. Mail sacks are invited. Passengers get off bus and go up stairs. Boeing 707 rolls at the start. Start, filmed from the front. Retract the wheels. Aircraft jet aircraft filmed. Pilot's cabin. Fittings. Pilots work on instruments. The galley. Poultry is decomposed. Fruit platter. Menu cooking goes with car cabin. Flight attendant travels with beverage cart. Sparkling wine and beer will be served. Friendly toast itself. View from aircraft over water. Card game aboard. Travelers put on slippers and puts feet on footstool. Nozzle size.
Aerial view of the statue of liberty. Aerial view of New York. Manhattan skyscraper. Landing, from the front, Idelwild. Machine rolls out. Control tower. Idlewild airport building. Passengers upon arrival at airport.
Traffic rolls to the city on wide roads. Bridge toll is paid. Drive over the George Washington Bridge, driving record. The harbour at night. Illuminated vessels at the pier at night. Timesquare with light advertising. Light advertising.
Morning 5: 00: traders at the fish market load fish and transport boxes. Lobster moves great. Garbage people roll trash can. Postman. Window cleaner cleans high-rise window. Pigeons sit on tree on Wall Street.
Man feeding pigeons in place. 2 pigeons in a row run that big. Cemetery in the Wallstreet, traffic in the streets. Shoe-shine. Colored shoe cleaner cleans shoes of Mr. Young girl lets himself to clean shoes in shoe business. Young girl enters Office, sits at the desk and grabs out breakfast. She reads newspaper. Picture of New York, from above.
(366 m) 02 Act: New York cityscape from the top of the Empire State Building. Look in urban canyons. Cars and pedestrians on the road. Human studies on 5th Avenue. Black women, woman with a dog, 2 sisters. Bus. Car goes in tight parking space and is hitting bumpers. Huge parking lot at the edge of the city. Car cemetery. Big cemetery. Driving record giant cemetery past. Pan across skyscrapers. Skyscrapers, filmed from below. Office of Lufthansa in New York. Handling of customers. Schreibautomat runs. Self-service shop. Women ride with cart. Payment at checkout. Goods are transported on treadmill. Goods carried in car. Women in Hat shop trying on hats. Hat is packed in carton and paid. 2 women read the New York Times with 500 pages. You're surrounded by paper sheets. Young woman leafs through thick telephone books and delusional. Neon signs in front of her during the conversation.
The skyline. The Queen Mary at the pier. Arrival of travellers. Face of Negro, great. Elso Maxwell in mink coat upon arrival, great. Cityscape, skyline. Flying Boeing 707 (354 m)



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In 500 Minuten nach New York

Boeing 707 (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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