Der Besuch des Tunku 1960


1st Act Hamburg aircraft will roll out in Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel. A Winker. Welcoming Committee with Max Braaer. BEA aircraft; Prime Minister of Malaia Abdul Rahman goes down stairs. Welcome by the Mayor of Brewer and Engelhardt. Press photographers. Malay flag. Walking to the car. The Tunku enters. Mercedes car with stander. The City Hall square of the Alster arcades photographed. Wagon train going in the courtyard of the Town Hall. The Tunku is registered in the Golden Book of the Hanseatic City. Port. The launch of the Senate. Tunku and Engelhardt climb the barge to harbour cruise. Harbour cruise. Passing ships. Howaldtswerke. Ships in the dock. Tunku and Engelhardt on barge, big. The building authority of the town bridge. Shield: Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg building authorities. Right of way of the car. Senator Dr. Nevermann leads the Tunku the model room. Dr. Hebebrandt demonstrates the reconstruction of cards. Model of the city. 'S Hebebrandt with pointer next to the Tunku. Reception of Hamburg, from above. Wagon train in front of the hotel "Four seasons". Maid on balcony. Exit with a police escort. Column runs on the new Jungfernstieg. At the airfield, the Tunku presented Mayor Brewer parting gift. Brauer and Edwards say goodbye. Tunku and company get on plane. Rotating propeller. PAN machine rolls to start. Waving Brauer and Engelhardt. Plane taking off in the fog.

Berlin: expressways in Berlin. Tunnel. Radio tower. Brandenburg Gate. Kurfürstendamm. Wagon train. The Tunku enters the Schöneberg Town Hall. Willy Brandt receives the Tunku. Entry in the Golden book. Brandt model of Berlin Liberty Bell presented the Tunku. Liberty Bell Rings, wholesale. Marienfelde refugee camp. The Tunku visited the camp and filmed with camera. Wagon train departs. The new Congress Hall. City tour by bus. Drive to the Brandenburg Gate. Visit to the Villa Lemm at the British crew Commander of Berlin. British troops present. Walking down the front. Waving Malay flag, great.

Bonn: Ships sail on the Rhine before Federal House. The Federal building, half-close. Road from Bonn. The Beethoven House. Rain plattert in puddle. Welcoming Committee with umbrellas on the airfield. Adenauer, half-close. Defense Secretary Strauß, close to half, and Chief of staff of the air force Kammhuber. Machine rolls out. A Winker, total. The Tunku go down stairs. Welcome by Adenauer with umbrella. The Tunku covers raincoat. German and Malian flags on tall masts. Play the Malaysian national anthem. Adenauer with screen next to the Tunku, half close reports officer. Stand of the Bundeswehr presents. Tunku and Adenauer go off the front with screen. Adenauer welcomes the guest interview. The Tunku replied. Handshake Adenauer Tunku. Malay flag, great. Exit the car. Portal of the Court. Malay flag blowing on the roof. Car driving in front of the City Hall. Mayor of Daniels with chain welcomes the Tunku before the Town Hall. The Tunku in the balcony. Plays the music Corps of the Navy.
(417 m) 2nd Act of Mayor Daniels holds welcome speech. Would like to thank Tunku Abdul Rahman. Mayor Daniels presented image. Tunku Abdul Rahman presented the chandelier. Entry in the Golden book. Palais Schaumburg. The Tunku in addition to Adenauer. Tunku and handed over embroidery decorated walking stick, half-close. In addition to Adenauer of the Secretary of State of the Foreign Office of Scherpenberg. Handshake Adenauer-Abdul Rahman. Drive in front of the Foreign Ministry. In the absence of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. von Merkatz welcomes the Tunku. Tunku and von Merkatz in conversation. Close-up. The press and information Office. Tunku's press conference. Journalists To write. Journalist sketched picture of the Tunku. Villa Hammerschmidt. Tunku enlists in the Hall in the guestbook. Lübke welcomes the Tunku. Lahiri received package as a gift and presented package. Handshake Lübke - Abdul Rahman. Peters mountain. Arrival of guests for reception. Adenauer and Tunku greet guests by Brentano, half-close. Diplomats in the meeting. Cold buffet with delicacies. Distribute cooks. Royal Court von Merkatz adopted the Tunku stander on car, great. Tunku get in car.

Duisburg: Smoking vents. Wagon train reverses before the headquarters of the DEMAG. Member of the Board welcomed the Tunku. Model ship hanging on crane. Workers in factories for machine production. Tour through the factory. The Tunku ascends to the Harbor Cruise boat. Tug. Tunku looks through binoculars. Creates launch. Leaving the car. German-Belgian border near Aachen. Tunku Zöllner's autograph. The Goodbye Dr. Vogel, German Ambassador in Malaya. Guest at the Grenze-departs Belgian motorcade. German and Malay flags.
(273 m)


Hamburg ; Berlin ; Bonn ; Duisburg



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Der Besuch des Tunku

Staatsbesuch des malaischen Präsidenten (Additional title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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