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Topic overview a: building East and Angela Merkel b: of the broker Andreas Kehl c: the Zukunftspreis of des bundespräsidenten d: Eisschnelläuferin Franziska Schenk (10:00:15 10:00:39) 01 Eastern reconstruction attention! 1 scene and by 10:02:30 10:04:08 is foreign material (Fischer AV ORB and Telecom) will be shown four examples of the Eastern reconstruction: 1. opening of the largest German railway ferry terminal 2. expansion of the road and rail network 3. modernization of the telephone network (10:00:40 10:04:44) foreign material (Fischer AV) surf big.
(10:00:40 10:00:43)

DSP archive (504 DSP and DSP 511) Rügen: fishing boats on the beach, drive through countryside, two aerial photographs.
(10:00:43 10:01:00)

New Rotary rail Saßnitz: Leaking ferry, pivoting about the Kai, Prime Minister Bernd Seite opens up the new ferry terminal, blending on map with the ferry, Andrea Merkel, and Bernd Seite in the marquee, complete marquee. O-ton Andrea Merkel: "I am above all happy that we make things for us - in the new federal States - not only, but that we are simply goals to the world for Germany. "And today E.g. Mukran, that is North, East, a gateway to Scandinavia, (further in the off unterschnitten with two pans over the ferry port) to Russia, in the Baltic Republics--and here investments are brought out really in one direction, where it can be said: these are investments for Germany's contacts with the world."
(10:01:00 10:01:58)

DSP archive (513 DSP and DSP 511) extension of the East Rail, track construction total and large. Construction of the new motorway of the Baltic Sea: total, aerial, map, earth movements, asphalting.
(10:01:58 10:02:30)

Foreign material (Telecom and ORB) old unfashionable plants of the East German telephone network: apparatus, relay station and attendant, laying new fiber-optic cable and new interface. Actuality Helmut Kohl: "that in the new federal States today the most advanced system in the world to find is in some respects even better equipped than in the old Federal States, is a huge asset for the future development."
(10:02:30 10:04:08)

Self submissions: Lighthouse, ferry terminals and marquee inside.
Recorded interview Angela Merkel: "joy makes me easy, we learned lot help from the old Federal States and that there are many people from the old Federal States which are without envy and come and rejoice with us, what we have created."
Ships passing in the fog on a lighthouse.
(10:04:08 10:04:44)
(10:00:40 10:04:44) 02. Broker Andreas Kehl a portrait of 38jährigen Andreas Kehl, which is one of 100 stock traders in the headquarters of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt.
Frankfurt's cityscape: Mainhattan and emblems of different banks, transformer on the head of the Goethe monument, swing by the main on city total. Deutsche Bank: swiveling façade on the German bank emblem, transformer of world clocks at the share Centre, close-ups of brokers at work, Andreas Kehl, pan across computers, Kehl broker big.
O of Andreas Kehl: "Frankfurt won increasingly important in recent years for the German stock trading because just shut the business has focused. The market goes where the largest liquidity exists and where the best opportunities are for him, to get that just wrapped up, there, what he would like to settle."
Frankfurt Stock Exchange: Tracking fillet inside for a tour of the stock exchange, installation of various brokers at their business, Pan pan of stock Board on throat and more scenes of brokers, including voiceover Kehl over the work of a broker by a bull sculpture on the market outside.
O of Andreas Kehl: "I like the action, I like the quick business. If much is going on (in the off, unterschnitten with hustle and bustle on the stock exchange) if much revenue and here on'm parquet is the ROAR, then it's been fun. It's fun anyway, but particularly of course."
Kehl in the Streß on the phone and mobile and share table with stock exchange total.
Actuality of Andreas Kehl: "so, if we ever have a market, which runs only electronically and via computer runs, then I do think that what would be missing me, to feel (next in the off), what is now really going unterschnitten with him in the stock market and where is rather a bit more activity and where is less activity." You get really only on the floor."
Deutsche Bank: world clock, Kehl on the phone, room of share headquarters.
O of Andreas Kehl: "the euro will for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange of course a phase take Frankfurt as a financial marketplace will have to stand in competition against other large exchanges such as Paris and London. "And there, so to speak of the struggle is imminent only."
Cityscape: Swivel the Deutsche Bank and 'Mainhattan' with no main.
(10:04:47 10:08:20) 03 Zukunftspreis of des bundespräsidenten caution! Any foreign material! (SWF and Daimler-Benz)
Environmental award in 1997 at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin by Roman Herzog and presentation of the award-winning "laser image projection method".
Award ceremony at the Deutsches Theater with a program which displays adhesion of liquids in a frame.
Actuality Roman Herzog: "engineer Christhard deter awarded the German future Prize 1997." Deter in the audience.
Presentation of the laser image projection method in a computer animation and real on a hemispherical projection surface. Application examples. Actuality Christhard deter: "we have opened up a but very patent-free space, we've got many patents worldwide already issued--and so this is the possession of our company in Germany, in our own country."
Projection screen at a fashion show.
Recorded interview Roman Herzog: "we can only live in prosperity in the future, will our social safety net and a more effective protection of the environment only be financially viable, if we stay in research and technology on top of the world. "If that is correct, we need to promote but also our young scientists and engineers - not only with money but also with the fact that we give them the attention and recognition, and not by publicly celebrated forced pessimism or should I say discourage purpose pessimism."
(10:08:23 10:11:46) 04. Star on the ice - Franziska Schenk caution! 10:14:09 end is foreign material! (Kessler)
Portrait of 23 Eisschnelläuferin Franziska Schenk, in the competition at training in the Hall and on the ice, statements by her and her coach and her modelling and in a commercial.
Measuring pulse, swiveling on Inzell without snow, Franziska Schenk at the training Hall, jumping exercises. Training in the throng on the rink, her coach.
Recorded interview Stefan Gneupel, coach: "it is not easy, on these narrow runners kept on these narrow runners speed limits to bring - even in the Sprint, where 60 km/h are reached in the curve, and that that be, can fold forward now already now even, this is not so easy."
Training on the ice, swinging on the new Klappschuh.
Actuality Franziska Schenk (with the new Klappschuh in the hand): "what is new is skid and shoe. You can now fold that up and this is already a huge scope that it formerly simply could not use. Earlier, must one imagine that, we ran so on the ice, as if one would ban sprinter on the country to lift the heel from the ground. (next in the off unterschnitten with training) "And so the calf muscle is now activated and corresponds to approximately the force you have in the thigh - and it is clear, that it drove forward a very good is."
Question: "what are the strengths of Franziska Schenk?" "I'd say what's the ice, certainly feeling very good running somewhere in the training, a healthy ambition, so I myself sometimes can bite through, even if it's just not as fun." "And it is paired with'm certain tendency toward perfectionism, which all athletes must bring somewhere, I think so ' a very good mixture of my strengths."
(10:11:49 10:14:52)

Foreign material Schenk at modelling, is photographed, runs on inline skaters.
(10:14:09 10:14:25)

Own actuality Schenk: "I can be funky, if it matters, then I can ever turn up, but it's always kind of in ' an other opportunity, so wouldn't you never in training or competition see me – I'm really rather much of a serious, serious guy."
(10:14:25 10:14:34)

Foreign material (Kessler) recorded from the shoot for a FS-spot with a polar bear in Canada.
(10:14:34 10:14:52)
(TC - end: 10:14:58)



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