Deutschlandspiegel 517/1997 01.10.1997

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Topic overview a: Angela Merkel in the region of Bitterfeld b: the Rhine c: 100 years aspirin d: Chinese pencil factory in Northern Germany e: Anne-Sophie Mutter - concert in the barn (10:00:15 10:00:43) 01 Angela Merkel in the region of Bitterfeld caution! 10:00:47 10:00:58 foreign material (WDR/BR) report on a visit to the Environment Minister, Angela Merkel, in the former chemical and coal-fired station of Bitterfeld, in Saxony-Anhalt.
(10:00:44 10:03:28)

Own Andrea Merkel on the TerraTec Leipzig.
(10:00:44 10:00:47)

Foreign material (WDR/BR) Merkel in an interim storage facility for radioactive waste.
(10:00:47 10:00:58)

Own industrial ruins in Bitterfeld. Merkel arrives at a Conference.
Recorded interview Merkel: "... it is worth to show that labour market policy and environmental concerns here go hand in hand and have been well worn their fruits, but surely even further efforts need."
Bus ride with Merkel through the partially already renewed industrial area. Cockpit of a helicopter, aerial photographs of the former Brown coal surface mine, excavators in the area, Merkel in conversation with workers.
Recorded interview Merkel: (Beginning in the off unterschnitten with her, walking) "for Germany for example and other countries the use of land is a big job. "We chase away (in on) and distribute more and more plants and animals, because we constantly intervene in nature as people and that must be decoupled: economic growth and land use."
Restoration of the former open-cast mine: diggers moving Earth masses.
Actuality Merkel: "I also sometimes have worries and fears, so it is not, but I think I am that we solve problems as a politician for it. It is not enough so to describe them. (next in the off unterschnitten with swing from a power plant on forest and transformer on Merkel in a group on an observation deck, and new Lake) And if you want to solve a problem, one must make a suggestion, you must discuss the and then you have to get through but also him. I learned in the former GDR, that one needs patience, that it must drill thick boards (in on) that sometimes comes in the bustling West something missing and I think that helps me also."
(10:00:58 10:03:28) 02. The Rhine caution! Some foreign material! Report on the ports of Duisburg and Düsseldorf, and ride on a barge.
(10:03:31 10:06:57)

Own Rhine-Ruhr port: The barge 'North Harbour' controls the largest inland port in the world, the Rhine Ruhr port Duisburg. Many settings by loading 20-ton steel rollers. Swivel on a work by Thyssen in the port area.
(10:03:31 10:04:15)

Foreign material (SWF) coal on the conveyor belt. (10:04:15 10:04:17)

Own two settings of the Thyssen plant, blend on...
(10:04:17 10:04:24)

Foreign material (SWF) air intake port Düsseldorf, container port, old and new buildings in the harbour.
(10:04:24 10:04:52)

Intrinsically on the 'North Harbour': Manfred Schwarze, one of two captains the 'North Harbour', when the hawser to the drop.
Question: "can you create today what?" Black: "one hundred kilometers - 11 hours we expect now."
On the 'North Harbour', shots outboard and the two captains, Manfred Schwarze and Manfred Wirgis on the command bridge. More shots while driving, including shipping company flag on the tail and Rhine industrial plant and city.
Quote of Wirgis: "is changed, because at the latest after 6 hours, then it starts, then slowly breaks the concentration - whether you want to admit it now or not, but it is really so, and before longer reaction times arise, stop changing." Swing by the "North Harbour" on a big boat. (10:04:52 10:06:00)

Foreign material (SWF) on the boat: tourists on the deck, view from the bridge on the "Pfalz", Japanese photograph, the Loreley, transitions of castles from the air.
(10:06:00 10:06:30)

Intrinsically on the 'North Harbour': Trudy from the navigating bridge to the bow, bridge inside and outside with transformer on Rhine long shot.
(10:06:30 10:06:57) 03. 100 years of aspirin caution! Up to two Blendenmontagen all foreign material! (Bayer)
(10:07:00 10:10:08)

Foreign material in the Bayer laboratory and pussy willow (10:07:00 10:07:13) equity aperture Assembly of aspirin production and box labels in different languages.
(10:07:13 10:07:24)

Foreign material production of aspirin, s/w game film clips from the "invention" of aspirin by the chemist Felix Hoffmann, commercial from the 50s by Fischer Kosen, Argentina: "You have aspirin Street kiosk with transformer on aspirin Pack, road survey?"
(10:07:24 10:08:48)

Own aperture trick. (10:08:48 10:09:00)

Foreign material actuality Prof. Charles Hennekes, Boston: (voice over) "here could be demonstrated clearly: the mortality rate due to ingestion of aspirin within 24 hours after the onset of infarction symptoms and during the following 30 days can be reduced to 23 per cent." Laboratory at the cancer research center Heidelberg.
Interview of Prof. Friedrich marks: "colon cancer is one of the most common cancers of people. "And it is now relatively safe on the basis of about 12 to 13 studies that have appeared in recent times, reducing the risk of bowel cancer and bowel cancer to die by up to 50 percent if you regularly take aspirin or related drugs." A commercial: Aspirin shines in one hand.
(10:09:00 10:10:08) 04. Chinese pencil factory in Northern Germany in Neustadt-Glewe, a town in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Chinese formed for the first time in Europe a factory, the "North German pencil factory". Driving scenes with transitions to new companies in the new Länder ending on the "North German pencil factory". Various shots of the pencil production, Chinese and German employees, visitors of work, manufacture of pencils with eraser. The inauguration celebration.
O chinês. "Managing Director: (voice over) this location here will help to meet the needs of our customers on the German market and in the world."
O-ton head of the Chamber of Commerce and industry: "your operation opening is an important signal; especially in today's times "because with your commitment, prove that even in economically difficult times it is possible to attract foreign investors to us."
05. Anne-Sophie Mutter at the music festival Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania group lachender Chinese and German employees with pencils in their hands (10:10:11 10:12:02), the violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter in a barn in Ulrichshusen gave a concert. Visitors before the concert, swing by poster of her concert on Anne-Sophie Mutter, it rises in an auto fade on their head, blending on archive recording (DSP 317), as a 17 year-old, violin playing and in the garden of her parent's home.
"I started o-ton mother (beginning in the off, with further archival footage backed) with five and a half, playing the violin - with much passion. I think that you, if you are gifted for this profession, infinite pleasure can have, (in on) so that one immediately sees the next higher before him after every summit, which is of course musically, and evolving. "Will to perfectionism is certainly very, very important and also the humility before the composer."
Swiveling on the barn in Ulrichshusen, Prime Minister page comes.
Off tone mother: "if I play not fiddle, I deal little with music. I hear at home more than a little Opera, because my kids love Opera. I'm a big fan of Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong - from this direction of jazz. I hike a lot in the mountains, also for sporting reasons, because you put a tour physically not without weiteresweg, then you must prepare a little." The foregoing voiceover was backed by: mother increases with her violin from a car, goes to the barn and on the stage.
Div recording her concert, the Sonata for violin and piano in d minor op. 108 of Johannes Brahms. Exterior of the barn and listeners outside. Further recordings from the concert, bow, applause, little girl presented a bouquet to Anne-Sophie Mutter goes from the stage, including off-tone mother: "At the moment I think only a shower and a cold beer!"
(10:12:05 10:16:04)
(TC end: 10:16:09)



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