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Editing: Volker Schmidt of 01 50th commemoration of the destruction of Dresden caution! Any foreign material!
MDR: Memorial Service (10:00:27 10:00:33) ARD: nocturnal Dresden (10:00:33 10:00:44) ARD: aerial photographs of the bombing DW Dresden (10:00:44 10:00:52): burning Dresden (10:00:52 10:01:05) MDR: Memorial at the Heide cemetery actuality Federal President Roman Herzog: (in voiceover) "who, like today's Germans, the vicious cycle of injustice and violence, of war and inhumanity will break (in on) who peace, friendship and reconciliation between the peoples searches ", which can pull fallen Nations an accounting balance not just between the dead, wounded and misfortune."
(10:01:05 10:01:42)

ARD: Nocturnal Dresden, buildings, large bells (bells Requiem) memorial service.
O-ton Duke: (in voiceover) "together we went on the road, which means peace and understanding (in on) (10:01:42 10:02:27) ARD: o-ton Duke continued:"... "and together we must fight to ensure that war and totalitarianism, tyranny, and loss of Homeland never happen again."
Viewers actuality Nick Nolan Mayor of Coventry: (Voice over) "today, we can say that 50 years after the bombing of this wonderful city and almost 40 years after the conclusion of the partnership agreement with my town, generations of our citizens met, respect and sometimes even love have learned. If Europe and the world follow Coventry and Dresden, we need have no fear of the future."
(10:02:27 10:03:22)

ARD: Actuality Duke: "find each other, trust each other, jointly overcome the evil past, this is the way to go. (in the off unterschnitten with people who carry the candles in their hands) We Germans will do everything to do so, to commit him, patiently but persistently also in the future."
(10:03:22 10:03:46)

MDR: Choir (10:03:46 10:04:00) (10:00:27 10:04:00) 02. World Heritage site: industrial monument Völklingen Langer swivel over the old steel mill in Völklingen, founded in 1873, 1973 closed.
Blend on the Germany card with transformer on Völklingen. Several outside views. The former "craftsmen Street" is now a workplace of young artists.
Great work from shaped pieces of steel, student carves at dice, students go through the terrain, div. already renovated details of the ancient plant - indoor and outdoor-, the "gas blower Hall" - and accessible, a school class visits visitors she, 2 outside.
(10:04:00 11110:06:41) 03 crash system for trucks in Neumünster caution! On the 1st and 3rd scene any foreign material! (DEKRA)
TRUCK drives great side through the picture, highway from above, 1000 HP motor, which drives a steel cable, to which a trolley is attached, which brings the crash vehicle speed accident photo, truck crash test (side against tankers). Crash test from different camera positions, measurement systems, damage to the crash vehicles, measurement data, safety vehicle "Topas" in the crash test, highway tanks.
(10:06:41 10:08:50) 04 tennis with Michael Stich caution! Any foreign material! Game scenes, Michael Stich and his wife Jessica Pack clothes, go endgame stitch Edberg in a hospital (the trick have established a foundation for HIV infected children), Aperture installation by Michael and Jessica, charity tournament in Mannheim, Edberg WINS.
(10:08:51 10:11:06) 05. Carnival in Villingen Villingen in the Black Forest is the stronghold of the "Alemannic Carnival". Masks, schunkelnde spectators, Bernhard Schaumann his costume of the "Villinger Narro" attracts, his children in costumes.
Recorded interview Bernhard Schaumann: (Voice over) "our family makes for generations Carnival. My grandma has me as a boy, I was given, about 14 years old, on Carnival Sunday morning the costume and I was allowed to wear roles for the first time and for the first time at the Carnival, which for me was the experience." (Undercuts with tightening of the children and other members of his family)
Ring size, masks, collars. Train of the "Narros" Villingen, different groups, children in strollers, whip crackers, donkey as a symbol of winter.
Masked talk with citizens: (Voice over) "your fool the world, forget at all belief in progress not your roots and your down-to-Earth customs."
Individual Narro evening.
End: TC 10:14:11 (10:11:07 10:14:06)



Völklingen ; LKW ; Fastnacht ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Sport ; Denkmal ; Tennis ; Gedenktag ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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