Deutschlandspiegel 480/1994 1994


01 years Germany mirror - 40 years reporting from Berlin cut: Annette Paulmann German bits made in Germany. German landscapes. Parking lot. The façades of the houses. Industry images. Cologne Cathedral. Lighthouse, snow mountains. Gedächtniskirche Berlin. Potsdamer Platz - computer graphics.
(10:00:26 10:01:00)

Kurfürstendamm Berlin archive material. Woman's face. Girl make-up itself. The face at the border. Human faces. Folded hands, great. The Brandenburg Gate. Uprising on 17 June 1953 trick - the Brandenburg Gate breaks - Russians (red) marching American (blue) - Marschierende. Germany mirror 40 years - trick. Berlin: American, British, Russians, armored car, cars, people go, cyclists, leisure, children swimming. Drinking coffee on balcony and dance. Transformer wire. Potsdamer Platz. Border sign warning. Controls at the Brandenburg Gate. The quadriga is brought back and pulled up.
(10:01:00 10:11:26)

May 1, 1959. Willy Brandt speaks interview: "the day will come when the Brandenburg Gate no longer lies on the border. "Until that day comes, we ask, we call, we call: open the door!"
So far, the feet carry refugees. Refugee camp. Title Germany mirror. 13 August 1961 the building wall. Crying people. Old woman climbs out the window. Chatting at Checkpoint Charlie. Balloon wall. Animated wall - red - cuts through Berlin. On the both sides: Johnson - Gomulka Kennedy-Chruschtschow Elizabeth II - Kossygin Nixon - Ho Chi Minh Mitterrand - Gromyko Reagan "Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate" - Gorbachev issuance of passes in the 60s. Joy of reunion. Greeting. Waving at the wall. Soldier on the wall. Berlin at night. Hippies, happening, blow into disc. Student unrest. Title Germany mirror with Adenauer actuality: "... and peace between peoples." Brandt o-ton: "Listen to this city!" Cabbage o-ton: "intolerance and disregard of others may never have a chance in Germany."
(10:03:18 10:03:40)

Elegant Kurfürstendamm. Industry images. International Congress Centre. Foreign visitors. Richard von Weizsäcker as visitors. Radio show. Title Germany mirror landing aircraft. Visitors to Berlin: Marlene Dietrich is welcomed by Hildegard Knef. Benny Goodman played clarinet. Sammy Davis. Ella Fitzgerald. Charles Aznavour is autograph. Ray Charles. Dizzie Gillespie. Jonny cash.
Art exhibition modern art. The Berliner Philharmoniker playing it under Claudio Abbado. Herbert von Karajan, great. Street Café on Kurfürstendamm. Foreigners. Children of foreigners. Turk and vegetable stand. Potsdamer Platz. Fall of the wall. People hit with hammer on the wall. Cheering encounter between East and West.
(10:08:15 10:11:25)

Run German bits people. Brandenburg Gate. Helmut Kohl in crowd.
(10:11:26 10:12:13)

Own material Fireworks.
(10:12:13) Richard von Weizsäcker interview: "We want a United Europe the peace of the world serve."
Driving shooting fountain. Motorcycle riders. Construction site at Checkpoint Charlie for the construction of a business centre. Architects and designs.
(10:12:19 10:12:26)

English of bits young faces.
(10:13:28) own material Reichstag driving record. Model of the new Government quarter. President Clinton in Berlin. Jubilation.
Helmut Kohl interview: "the upheaval in Europe, our common future, calls for all of us. Freedom required."
Images from Germany. Computer graphics Potsdamer Platz (10:13:34)



Berichterstattung ; Jubiläum ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; BRD/Bundesrepublik Deutschland ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 480/1994

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