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Editing: Annette Paulmann 01 50 years-20 July 1944 - memorial service and review - exhibition Washington (partially foreign material) SFB commemoration for the resistance fighters in Berlin Helmut Kohl interview: "the truth is that the July 20 was high point and endpoint of development beginning 1933 brought together men and women from the most different political directions in the fight against the rule of crime since Hitler's rise to power. People from all backgrounds, from the middle of our people were involved: commoners and nobles, trade unionists and officers, workers and diplomats, scholars and clergy. There were not many, but they were the best."
(10:00:26) DW photos by resistance fighters. Close-up of Sophie Scholl. Students attend the Memorial.
(10:01:20) Deutsche Welle exhibition with documentation of the German resistance in Washington. American visitor and American visitors recorded interview. Klaus of Dohnany actuality: "I believe that there is another thing to learn from these noble women and men. Keep yourself for a sensitive soul, particular when hard times come. "You may need it."
sw (10:02:35): review of Adolf Hitler. Briefing with Göring and generals. Führer Headquarters after assassination attempt.
(10:00:26 10:15:10)

DW close-ups resistance fighters including Stauffenberg.
(10:03:55) DW archive UFA 417 sw: trial before the people's Court and execution site.
(10:04:05) SFB commemoration. Helmut Kohl actuality: "intolerance and disregard of others may never have a chance in Germany."
Federal President Roman Herzog put down wreath.
(10:04:35) (10:00:26 10:15:10) 02 President Clinton in Berlin and adopting the American DW archive D 470 Berlin in the morning. Double decker buses. Road transport.
(10:05:10) DW young woman sweeps the street.
(10:05:20) SFB Clinton jogs.
(10:05:22) DW stands at Memorial in the Tiergarten and photographed. Clinton waving at her. Reichstag building with writing the German people. Before German flag.
(10:05:30) SFB Clinton and Kohl in the Reichstag immediately in the company.
(10:05:40) DW discussions at the round table. Clinton, large, EU President Delors, Kohl. Before the Town Hall play boy at the fountain.
(10:05:55) SFB on the balcony of the Red Town Hall of Clinton, Kohl and women.
(10:06:40) monument to Marx and Engels, and tourists.
(10:06:45) Kohl, Clinton, Diepgen, Hannelore Kohl, Hillary Clinton on the balcony of the Red Town Hall.
(10:06:55) DW Berlin synagogue.
(10:07:00) SFB Clinton and Hillary Clinton visit the synagogue. Talks. Hillary Clinton, big. Kohl.
(10:07:05) DW farewell by the Berlin Brigade. Helicopters fly. US flag, great. Soldiers present. Took by massed bands. Clinton passes in an open jeep on troop salute with the hand on the heart. Helmut Kohl interview: "how in Berlin countless American families have lived here the Germans, in good neighborhood, friendship in the past decades with us. It is due, when those who now return to the United States, in their home, divorce as friends of our country - in the awareness of having won a 'second home' to. especially the families'
U.S. families packing moving boxes. Wall chunks are wrapped. Conversation between neighbors. Farewell party. Children and pony. Magician. Grill.
(10:07:45) American production sound: "of course we are pleased that the cold war is over and that it is time for the soldiers to go home, on the other hand I must tell my friends and that's painful, but I tell them"Goodbye."
German teacher interview: "I have been teaching for nearly 30 years at the Kennedy School. And it is very sad to see the children now leave with their families. And, that that dissolves everything. My husband has taught at a purely American school here, and for him the last day is tomorrow. As the doors close. "And that's somehow painful."
Colored American actuality: "I felt like Kennedy as Berlin - from the first moment have until today."
(10:11:00) US national anthem. Kohl next to Clinton.
(10:12:00) SFB walk through the Brandenburg Gate.
(10:12:15) DW crowd.
(10:12:25) SFB walk through the Brandenburg Gate, Clinton, Kohl and women. Waving Clinton speaks interview before quantity: (speech in English).
(10:12:35) DW archive UFA 283 K 1797 sw: the building of the wall, wall refugees. Uprising on June 17. Wall deaths. DW greetings archive K over the wall (10:13:05) 1797 fall of the wall (10:14:10) DW Clinton interview: "We are on your side, now and forever!" People wave flags. Kohl next to Hillary Clinton. You clap.
(10:14:55) go SFB Clinton, Kohl and women waving through the Brandenburg Gate.



Gedenkfeier ; Policy ; 20. Juli 1944 ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Widerstandskämpfer, NS-Zeit ; Ausstellung ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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