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Editing: Marion Kane 01. The new German President, Roman Herzog and Richard von Weizsäcker (partial foreign material) review Federal Assembly to the choice of the 7th President of the Federal Republic of Germany in the Reichstag in Berlin. Rita Süssmuth actuality: "I open up the 10 Federal Assembly for the election of the 7th President of the Federal Republic of Germany, and welcome you all."
Clapping of the members of the Bundestag and of the delegates of the area of the parliaments.
Review of Richard von Weizsäcker: Visit to Poland, immediately next to Walesa. Visit of the British Royal couple in Germany. Standing next to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Richard von Weizsäcker speaks interview on the day of the German surrender on May 8: "the 8th of May was a day of liberation. He has freed us all from the inhuman system of Nazi tyranny. Nobody is this liberation will forget, what serious suffering for many people with the 8. First place began in May and followed. But we may not be able to see the reason for flight, expulsion and lack of freedom in the end of the war. We must not separate the 8 May 1945 from January 30, 1933."
In the audience: Willy Brandt, Jochen Vogel, Annemarie RENGER. Voting.
Applicants: Jens Reich, physicist, dissident of the former GDR. Hildegard Hamm-brücher, FDP. Roman Herzog, top German judge in Karlsruhe, Germany. Johannes Rau, Minister-President of North Rhine-Westphalia. Rita Süssmuth actuality: "696 votes accounted for by Roman Herzog... "Johannes Rau, Helmut Kohl, Hildegard Hamm-Brücher congratulate. Among those present Helmut Schmidt next to Scharping. After the election, Roman Herzog speaks interview: "I want to represent Germany in the next five years so as really is this Germany: peaceful - know - powerful - to justice at least try - ready - tolerant - cosmopolitan - for solidarity and what almost me as the most important appears, ladies and gentlemen: uninhibited."
(10:00:25) 02 European elections (partially foreign material) the Euro-Info-Mobile drives. Select go poster. Map of Germany. The Info Mobile on the market square in Schwerin. Discussions. Distribution of brochures.
Girl o-ton: "so I think we have the opportunity to choose what many people can't, and here we should really seize the chance to help decide what will become of us."
Young o-ton: "If you don't go to the elections, then it is a chance, representing the interests of mine the parties actually."
Tree-lined Avenue Mecklenburg. The ZDF election Studio. Of Austria's vote on the accession of Austria to the EU, the Austrian Ambassador Friedrich Hoess speaks interview: "we are not just a member of the Union, but we can have while in the middle of Europe, we can push forward a piece of this peace and stability community."
Dieter Zimmer in the Studio of choice. Projections. The CDU election winner. CDU candidate Günter Rinsche actuality: "it comes us substantially, that the capacity of the community of and the Union on all the issues is significantly reinforced where the citizens have a right to reply. "So, for example in the area of cross-border environmental protection and the creation of competitive jobs with which we then a good future prospect can offer a positive, in the future of too our young generation."
(10:04:40) 03. Mitterrand and Kohl in Heidelberg (own material) Neckar bridge. Mitterrand and Kohl and accompaniment. Students ask the politicians. Helmut Kohl interview: "now I really asking you, who ever had more reason for optimism than a generation who knows that she will live their life in peace and freedom?"
Mitterrand actuality: "Les relations of personnel jouent un role indeniable dans la construction de l'Histoire."
Young o-ton: "maybe it's the prerogative and sometimes the duty of youth, to demand the impossible. -We have been dealing with the issue of solidarity. We encountered with some grievances, we have found in reality Europe."
Helmut Kohl quote: "you know, that is the basic question of philosophy. If Europe says. "The glass is always half empty", then you will have a European future. "And when we say without optimism, but:" the glasses are half full, and we still make them fully ", then it's your job, then you have your chances."
(10:08:00) 04. Environmental award for Wulkow in Brandenburg (own material) glitters through deciduous trees, light. Tree-lined Avenue. Pond with swans. Horse-drawn carriage. Wooden UFO energy House. Fischbruthaus. Helmut breeds ink where threatened fish breeding species for the village pond. Herb Garden in the castle grounds. Curious visit the village. Eco-storage solar reflectors. Sales of organic goods.
(10:10:00) 05. The German national football team at the training camp Malente (partly foreign material) internationals during training. Rudi Völler score goal. Berti Vogts sets out harassment. Illgner in goal. Steffan Effenberg, Andreas Brehme, Jürgen Klinsmann.
Berti Vogts quote: "you have a momentum of its own, they have a sinister will, they want the best. You need not to motivate them, key words. Each player has motivation enough.
Thomas Zawkhun interview: "we are a playful, very strong team, we have an excellent defense, led by Lothar Matthäus, who has so many experiences with his 109 caps in midfield and in attack, I think that there is not a second time, so ' a team like we have."
Steffan Effenberg actuality: "I believe that we are a step ahead all teams in power and strength, I mean, Italians, know that you, or the Brazilians, that can play better football, that they are perhaps a bit accomplished on the ball than we. "But we have the strength and endurance for a so long tournament."
Lothar Matthäus actuality: "not only of the power produced, but also in the playful area we need no longer to hide us from the southerners. For me it is important that we act as a team, because only as a team can win."
(10:12:30) foreign matter: 06. Presidential election beginning of review Weizsäcker (00:00:27 - 00:54:24) State visit Queen (01:03:18 01:17:06) Weizsäcker speaks to the day of the German surrender (01:22:04 02:10:00) presidential election to end (02:10:00 04:40:07) 07. European elections SPD spot (04:48:00 04:53:03) CDU-spot (04:53:03 04:58:01) SPD-spot (04:58:01 00:00:10) graphic European elections (05:04:19 05:07:22) graphic Parliament (06:20:04 06:25:18)



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